Dental Crowns Offer Fortification for Weakened Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good is a top priority. Oral health conditions can come with lengthy timetables and costly expenses, so keeping your teeth clean is in your best interest. When you do develop a condition like a cavity, or the need for root canal therapy, you want to receive treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you remove the bacteria from your teeth and gums, the sooner you can restore comfort and a bright appearance to your smile. Dental crowns offer fortification for weakened teeth that need protection. (more…)

Learn How Much a Dental Filling Could Save You

Tooth decay is a progressive condition. This means that the condition gets worse over time. What starts out as plaque buildup — which you may not even be able to see — can lead to cavities. Cavities can progress and cause infection in the gums or tooth roots. You could even lose the tooth altogether. Since tooth decay is progressive, the condition will not improve until you take action. A dental filling can repair the damage done by cavities, saving you time and money before things get worse. It’s time to learn how much receiving a dental filling now could save you in the long run. (more…)

Protect Your Teeth and Your Gums from Bacteria

Bacteria-rich biofilm, known as plaque, aggregates on surfaces throughout your mouth. That includes both your teeth and gums. You already know that you should be regularly brushing your teeth to remove this bacteria and prevent cavity formation. However, you may not be as conscious of your gum health. Your gums are just as susceptible to plaque buildup. The bacteria can form around and beneath your gum line. This causes inflammation and redness that are associated with infection. If you leave that infection untreated, your gum disease can worsen. (more…)

Tooth Extraction to Preserve Your Smile

Hearing the phrase “tooth extraction” associated with oral health can be a little confusing. You want to keep all of your natural teeth healthy and clean so that they last a lifetime, so why would you voluntarily remove a tooth? While proper home care and restorative treatments help preserve your smile and repair it, not every tooth can be salvaged with treatment. Sometimes it is in the best interest for the overall health of your teeth to extract a tooth and replace it with a dental prosthetic. Tooth extraction can actually be the answer to preserve your smile. (more…)

Enjoy a Whole New Smile Instantly

It’s been said that good things are worth waiting for. However, if you don’t have to wait, why would you? Almost everyone has something they’d change about their smile. Teeth are made to withstand a lifetime of wear, but their appearance doesn’t always hold up. Your teeth can pick up stains and cracks over time. They may also be naturally disproportionate or asymmetrical. Porcelain dental veneers can create a whole new smile for you by covering for many of these common blemishes. The best part about veneers? The transformation happens instantly. (more…)

The Advantages of a Same-Day Dental Crown

If you’ve never suffered significant tooth decay or an accident related to your teeth, you may not be familiar with dental crowns. Dental crowns are typically made from dental porcelain, and they fit over a damaged or decayed tooth. Your dentist measures the tooth in question, as well as the surrounding teeth, to ensure that your dental crown fits you precisely. Modern dental technology actually allows you to fabricate and place your dental crown in the same day. Here are some of the advantages that come from working with a dentist that provides same-day dental crowns. (more…)

Family Dentistry Protects Everyone’s Teeth

Modern life can be hectic and fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on what’s important. Your family’s health and overall wellbeing are paramount. When you can find a single place that cares for your family’s oral health, you’ll save yourself time, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your family is in good hands. A family dentistry caters to everyone’s needs and protects everyone’s teeth. Not every patient has the same oral health needs, and when you choose a family dentistry, you’ll work with a staff of professionals that understands that. (more…)

Why You Must Stop Progressive Tooth Decay

Progressive diseases are ones that gain momentum over time. The longer you wait to address the issue at hand, the worse the outcome can be for you. It’s not only life-threatening diseases like cancer that can be progressive. While you may not think of cavities as particularly serious problems, the tooth decay that causes cavities is progressive. When cavities develop on your teeth, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The bacteria that cause cavities will continue to wear away at your enamel and into the pulp of your tooth unless you stop it. (more…)

Get Your Teeth Ready for Whitening

If you want to improve the brilliance and quality of your smile, you may have already explored options for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is an effective way to remove stains and increase the confidence you have in your smile. However, before you can start on a teeth whitening treatment, you need to make sure that your teeth are ready for the procedure. Only healthy teeth can be effectively whitened. If you have lingering oral health issues, your dentist won’t want to move forward with whitening before addressing those — and you shouldn’t either. (more…)

How 3D Imaging Technology Has Changed Dentistry

Technology is a wonderful thing. Innovations in technology provide valuable solutions for people across all walks of life. You may be familiar with 3D imaging and CAD technology from high school classes or a training program. CAD allows users to design three-dimensional images with precise measurements. You may also be familiar with the concept behind 3D printing. Now, machines can fabricated three dimensional designs to exact specifications. That technology has made one area of dentistry significantly easier for dentists and patients alike. Thanks to 3D imaging technology, you can now receive a dental crown in one visit. (more…)