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Why It’s Important to Treat Cavities Immediately

If a problem develops with your oral health, then the fact that treating it is important may not be a surprise. However, common conditions that often don’t seem serious, such as cavities, might not seem as essential to treat immediately. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, our goal is to help you save your smile… Read more »

What a Cavity Does to Your Tooth

Most people recognize the term, cavities, and many realize that almost anyone can develop one. However, given how common they are and how easily they can often be treated, you may not realize just how serious cavities can become if they aren’t addressed as soon as possible. Today, we examine the potential serious of what… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Tooth Prefers a Resin Filling

Cavities are common for many reasons. For example, no one can perfectly clean their teeth every day, every time, and missed spots of plaque can hide bacteria that lead to tooth decay. Also, cavities and the tooth decay that causes them can begin to develop long before you notice them. By the time you visit… Read more »

Tooth Decay Will Always Require Attention

Tooth decay is the general wear that your teeth experience as a result of the bacteria that live on them. These bacteria will constantly populate your teeth, and when left undisrupted, they will eventually form plaques and cavities. The bacteria produce acid as they metabolize sugars. This acid wears down your tooth enamel, and you’re… Read more »

It’s Time to Change the Way You Think of Tooth Decay

Have you had a cavity before? Do you have one right now? Nearly everyone develops a cavity at some point throughout their life. Based on your genetics and the way you care for your teeth at home, bacteria can have an easier or more difficult time sticking to your teeth. While a single cavity isn’t… Read more »

Are You Waiting to Fill a Cavity?

Many people go through a stretch in their lives when they stop regularly visiting the dentist. It can be easy to let those biannual appointments fall off the calendar amidst so many other obligations. It’s especially difficult when you’re going through significant life changes like moving to a new city. However, you don’t want to… Read more »

Regular Cleanings Deter Cavities

No one wants their teeth to fall into disarray. When it comes to oral health issues, they only get worse when they’re left to compound. When your teeth start to experience decay, it can lead to erosion, gum disease, and even tooth loss. All of these problems usually originate as a cavity. A cavity is… Read more »

Use These Tips To Improve Your Brushing

Your teeth are a bit of an unsung hero for your body. They chew your food so you can digest it and stay energized, they help maintain your facial structure, and they let you express yourself with a nice big smile. You owe it to your teeth to give them the best care possible. Doing… Read more »