Category: Restorative Dentistry

Does Your Dental Emergency Require Extraction?

Sometimes, when a patient is faced with a dental emergency, our team will repair the tooth with a filling, crown, or even cosmetic dental bonding. But what if the damage is so severe, or an infection so advanced, that removing the tooth is necessary to protect the smile? In today’s blog, your Redmond, OR, dentist… Read more »

Treating Your Dental Infection

An infected or abscessed tooth is an example of an emergency situation that requires treatment from your Redmond, OR, dentist. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we address issues like infections or abscesses, when you should contact our team for an appointment. We also have tips for preventing issues like decay or… Read more »

Halting Discomfort With A Tooth Extraction

When you have severe pain in your smile, this could mean the presence of an infection or even an abscess. To halt the pain and stop the spread of infection, we may simply remove the tooth with a dental extraction. How does your Redmond, OR, dentist safely and comfortably remove a tooth, and what happens… Read more »

CEREC Crowns In One Day

If you find yourself with a damaged tooth, or one aching due to advanced decay or infection, then you may need a custom-made dental crown. Fortunately, your Redmond, CA, dentist can create and place one in a single visit, so you can return your normal routine and enjoy better oral health as well.

Be Sure To Have Your Cavity Treated!

If you have a dental cavity, then your smile could develop serious complications, including the risk of an infected or lost tooth! In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the common causes of a cavity, and how to recognize the warning signs. Your Redmond, OR, dentist can then offer treatment options.

Treating An Infected Tooth

When a tooth becomes infected, whether due to injury or an advanced cavity, then you could suffer from seriously uncomfortable symptoms, as well as the risk of losing the tooth altogether. To treat your dental infection and ensure the comfort and beauty of your smile, then your Redmond, OR, dentist may suggest a root canal… Read more »

What Happens If A Chipped Tooth Isn’t Repaired?

When your tooth is chipped or cracked, you should see your Redmond, OR, dentist. After all, even minor cracks or chips could increase the risk of serious complications, ranging from decay to infection. In today’s blog, we look at how we repair a tooth, and why damage should never be ignored!

Taking Out A Tooth With Comfort And Ease

In our last blog, we explained how a dental crown could repair serious damage, and even address issues like advanced tooth decay or dental infection. However, sometimes a problem arises that a crown simply cannot correct. When this happens, your Redmond, OR, dentist may need to protect your smile with a dental extraction!

How Does A Custom Crown Fix My Smile?

When you need more than a filling or a dental bonding procedure, our team may suggest a dental crown. A durable and long-lasting restoration, crowns can address a wide array of cosmetic and restorative concerns. In today’s blog, your Redmond, OR, dentist talks about how we repair smiles, and the lifelike materials we use to… Read more »

Stopping Dental Infection With A Root Canal

When a tooth develops an infection, you can experience a number of painful symptoms and eventually, your tooth could become lost! To preserve your smile, your Redmond, OR, dentist can treat infected teeth with a safe and comfortable root canal procedure. How does a root canal stop an infection, and what steps can you take… Read more »