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What To Expect From A Cavity Treatment

When you experience problems with tooth decay, you can be at risk for more overall health issues than you realize. Eventually, a cavity can worsen enough for an infection to form. As bacteria gather and spread within your pulp, you can experience discomfort, heightened sensitivity, and more concerning symptoms. Letting an infection go without care… Read more »

Do You Really Offer Same-Day Crowns?

If you have a problem with your oral health, it will be important to start treatment as soon as possible. When you put off treatment for issues with dental decay, cavities can keep growing, which can do serious damage to your tooth structure in time. Fortunately, your Redmond, OR dentist’s office can help. We can… Read more »

We Provide Lifelike Fillings And Crowns

When you see your Redmond, OR dentist on a regular basis, you can have an easier time controlling your risk for cavities. Problems with tooth decay and gum disease affect many people, but the right professional services can make prevention easier. With that said, even patients with good routines can experience some problems. If a… Read more »

How Root Canal Therapy Stops A Toothache

Your toothache can grind your day to a halt. It can give you pause before you try to eat and drink. It can also make you understandably concerned about your oral health. Your Redmond, OR dentist can provide feedback about your tooth’s condition so that you can determine what treatment is required. If a persistent… Read more »

Fully Recovering From Cavity Troubles

If you have a cavity, you have permanent dental damage that needs to be treated. That damage will actually worsen over time as decay goes untreated, which can eventually grow serious enough to cause an infection. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, patients who develop cavities can count on our support when they need restorative… Read more »

Receiving A Crown In Just One Appointment

A dental crown can be prepared for you in less time than you might think possible when you come to our Redmond, OR dentist’s office for support. Our practice shortens treatment times for patients by using crowns that are produced with CEREC technology. This technology lets us take on every step of designing and creating… Read more »

When Your Cavity Calls For A Root Canal

In order to properly treat your tooth when you have a cavity, your Redmond, OR dentist may need to provide root canal therapy. Why is this necessary during some procedures and not all of them? A root canal removes bacteria and damaged tissues from within your tooth structure. You can avoid these internal problems when… Read more »

Asking Questions About Same-Day Crowns

It may be hard to believe that a full, permanent dental crown that imitates your tooth structure can be ready for you after just one appointment with your dentist. Thanks to CEREC technology, our Redmond, OR dental office can actually design, create, and place your restoration in the course of one appointment, making your restorative… Read more »

Addressing Ongoing Bite Troubles

Pain should not be a recurring problem when you bite, chew, or speak. While this statement can sound obvious, many people will try to ignore discomfort in the hopes that it will go away on its own. If you have trouble with jaw pain or sensitivity, or if you are struggling with a persistent toothache,… Read more »

Arranging Dental Work After Cracking A Tooth

Teeth are remarkably strong, which is why we can confidently bite and chew through so many tough foods throughout the day. While we can count on our enamel for important protection, this substance is not indestructible! If you find yourself in need of care because your tooth is cracked, our Redmond, OR dentist’s office can… Read more »