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A Lasting Attractive Tooth Replacement

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If you are looking toward an extraction procedure in order to keep your mouth safe, it is important that you explore all of your prosthodontic possibilities. The replacement of a functional tooth is dependent on multiple factors. These conditions include your age and the risk of future loss due to bone density concerns. The root… Read more »

Arranging Dental Services That Include Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is only arranged when there is no way for your Redmond, OR dentist to save your tooth through restorative dental work. This can happen after a serious physical injury, or when an infection does too much harm to make saving a tooth possible. When this service is necessary, we can make sure… Read more »

Scheduling The Placement And Restoration Of Your Implant

Through implant dentistry, patients who have lost teeth can recover more than just their confidence in their smile. Dental implants act the way the roots of teeth do to hold restorations in place. The degree of support provided makes it possible to bite and chew with your prosthetic, letting you regain comfort with your dental… Read more »

Replacing Missing Teeth With Titanium Dental Implants

For a tooth replacement option that has the potential to last for decades, you may consider dental implants. These titanium implants act as new tooth roots and help people enjoy a full smile again, addressing both minor and more advanced cases of tooth loss. How do we replace missing teeth with titanium dental implants? When… Read more »

A Tooth Loss Solution With Partial Dentures

Do you have gaps in your smile that are too much for a simple bridge, but not quite severe enough to require a full prosthetic? If so, then you may benefit from a partial denture. In today’s blog, your Redmond, OR, dentist explains how this custom and unique prosthetic can help people enjoy a full… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Full Dentures

When you lose most of your teeth, or even all of them, then your ability to eat and speak could become complicated. Instead of suffering from a poorer quality of life, you should talk to your Redmond, OR, dentist about a possible solution. In today’s blog, we’re talking about full dentures, and explaining the difference… Read more »

Replacing Your Missing Teeth With A Custom Bridge

When we lose our teeth, our oral health suffers. In addition, this could have a negative impact on our smile’s appearance as well. To help people in Redmond, OR, maintain whole and healthy smiles, we may address minor tooth loss with a custom-made dental bridge. When should you seek treatment for missing teeth? How do… Read more »

The Benefits Of Placing A Dental Implant

Dental implants offer a number of benefits for people, from a prosthetic that lasts longer than removable dentures or bridges, to greater stability and a lifelike appearance. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how your Redmond, OR, dentist places dental implants, and how they offer such a natural-looking solution to minor or severe tooth loss.

The Benefits Of Treating Tooth Loss With A Bridge

If you have minor tooth loss, such as between one and three lost teeth in a row, then your smile could benefit from treatment. Otherwise, complications could eventually arise that mean poorer oral health and even further tooth loss! In today’s blog, your Redmond, OR, dentist looks at how we protect smiles with a dental… Read more »

Choosing the Right Replacement for Lost Teeth

Like most dental treatments, prosthetic dentistry is designed to address your specific, unique oral health needs. Choosing the right replacement depends on several factors, including how many teeth you’ve lost and where they are along your dental ridge. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, we can help you rebuild your smile in the most beneficial… Read more »