Category: Preventive Dentistry

Does My Smile Need A Checkup And Cleaning?

We’re getting ready to open our doors for elective treatments, like cosmetic care, as well as preventive and general treatments too. Which means pretty soon you and your family could schedule a visit with your Redmond, OR, dentist for a checkup and cleaning. Why does our smile need a checkup and cleaning, and what happens… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Your Teeth Grinding!

Do you grind your teeth? Occasionally, nearly all of us will grind our teeth, particularly in childhood. However, these episodes are brief. If you grind or clench your teeth nearly every night however, then you may have a serious oral health issue, one that could lead to major complications for your smile’s health and beauty…. Read more »

What Happens If Your Dental Checkup Reveals a Problem?

After a few consecutive dental checkups of getting a clean bill of health, you might feel more confident in postponing or canceling your next one. Your smile’s been good for a while, so as long as you stick the same routine, it should remain so, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true, if you skip even… Read more »

Dental Treatments Designed to Boost Your Hygiene

When it comes to taking care of your smile, the importance of practicing good dental hygiene could never be overstated. Every day, you should properly clean your teeth of the bacteria that cling to them, many of which can prove harmful to your teeth and gums if allowed to accumulate. However, caring for your smile… Read more »

3 Good Oral Health Habits To Pick Up In 2020

Hopefully, the prospect of starting the new year has brought you plenty of reasons to smile. If you sometimes hide your smile because you are self-conscious about teeth that appear less attractive unhealthy, you may want to make a resolution to practice better oral health care. The effort you put towards cleaning your teeth certainly… Read more »

Where Your Hygiene Might Be Lacking

Most of us know the basics of dental hygiene well enough that it’s almost second nature. In fact, the first thing you may do in the morning is go to your bathroom sink and brush your teeth without even thinking about it. However, simply going through the motions isn’t always enough to make your dental… Read more »

Most Oral Health Problems Are Preventable

When you have problems with your teeth or gums, it can be scary as a patient. You may experience chronic pain, and you might be unsure of what to expect during treatment. In order to avoid the uncertainty and angst that comes with oral health problems, you need to take proper care of your teeth… Read more »

Don’t Wait for the Signs of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a progressive condition that can cause the structural erosion of your teeth. It’s the most common oral health problem that people face. Often characterized by cavities, tooth decay involves the buildup of harmful bacteria that eat away at the surface of your tooth. If you don’t treat the condition in time, the… Read more »

Learn More About Ultrasonic Scaling

If your teeth have led a relatively healthy life, you may be unfamiliar with ultrasonic scaling. However, if your dentist has recommended this treatment method, you may want to learn more about the process. Simply put, “scaling” is a procedure during which your dentist carefully accesses the roots of your teeth to clean away bacteria… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: 3 Things To Consider

A very exciting topic that patients frequently ask us about is what to think of an electric toothbrush. Good idea or bad idea? Beneficial for one’s oral health or just another gadget that doesn’t really offer much? In short, the general response we offer is that they can provide many advantages for the user, that… Read more »