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Managing Gum Disease With An Ultrasonic Scaling

When our gums become inflamed, there is a higher risk of periodontal disease which could lead to uncomfortable symptoms and even tooth loss. In order to avoid periodontal disease, or manage it, then we may suggest a deep cleaning with an ultrasonic scaling device. When should you see your Redmond, OR, dentist for a scaling… Read more »

Keeping Smiles Healthy With Checkups And Cleanings

When was the last time you called up your Redmond, OR, to schedule a checkup and cleaning visit? We recommend routine exams and cleanings for people of all ages, as these visits help them avoid tooth decay and other common oral health issues. In today’s blog, let’s learn more about the benefits of checkups and… Read more »

Can Fluoride Really Help Strengthen Your Teeth?

One of the most important goals of practicing excellent dental hygiene every and sticking to regular checkup and cleaning appointments with your dentist is to help keep your teeth strong. When healthy, your teeth are the strongest parts of your body, designed to withstand the immense pressure of your bite without any trouble at all…. Read more »

What Kind Of Smile Improvements Can Veneers Provide?

While porcelain veneers attract the attention of many people who have an interest in cosmetic dentistry, you may feel unsure if they are right for you. When people start thinking about making improvements to the way they look, they often have certain flaws that they are determined to address. What you can find is that… Read more »

Signs That Your Dentist Can Treat the Whole Family

Everyone could use a little expedience in their lives. With all of the appointments and obligations that every member of your family has, saving time and hassle is a huge priority. One of the ways you can do that is by finding medical professionals that can treat your entire family. Each member of your family… Read more »

Get Your Dentistry Appointments on the Calendar

Are you familiar with your dental insurance benefits? It’s important to know what type of coverage and plan you have. These factors will determine when and how you schedule your care. Scheduling appointments for yourself and your whole family usually requires managing a lot of logistics. It’s important to find a dental care provider that… Read more »

Everything You Can Get Out of Family Dentistry

Do you know about all of the options that are available to you at your family dentistry? Family dentistry includes comprehensive care for patients of all ages, and it’s much more than just checkups. Attending biannual exams and cleanings is important for the health of your teeth, but family dentistry also includes important preventive care… Read more »

Why Look for a Dentist with Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Finding a dentist that you trust — not only for yourself, but for your whole family — is no small undertaking. Your family’s oral health care is important, and you want to feel like you’re in good hands. When you need restorative treatment for a condition like a serious cavity, or infected root canals, you… Read more »

Have You Found Quality Family Dental Services?

Family dentistry is a large umbrella of dentistry that caters to the needs of every member of the family. While everyone wants healthy, beautiful teeth, the needs of each individual patient are different. Genetics and lifestyle habits play a role in what type of dental care you need. A quality family dentistry provides a full… Read more »

Find Family Dental Care that Addresses Your Unique Needs

Family dental care is a broad branch of dentistry that encompasses many of the basic services you seek at your dentist. Family dentistry includes general dental care as well as preventive care. When you look for family dentistry services, you need to find a staff and care environment that suits a wide range of ages… Read more »