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Have You Found Quality Family Dental Services?

Family dentistry is a large umbrella of dentistry that caters to the needs of every member of the family. While everyone wants healthy, beautiful teeth, the needs of each individual patient are different. Genetics and lifestyle habits play a role in what type of dental care you need. A quality family dentistry provides a full… Read more »

Find Family Dental Care that Addresses Your Unique Needs

Family dental care is a broad branch of dentistry that encompasses many of the basic services you seek at your dentist. Family dentistry includes general dental care as well as preventive care. When you look for family dentistry services, you need to find a staff and care environment that suits a wide range of ages… Read more »

Family Dentistry Protects Everyone’s Teeth

Modern life can be hectic and fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on what’s important. Your family’s health and overall wellbeing are paramount. When you can find a single place that cares for your family’s oral health, you’ll save yourself time, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your family is in… Read more »

Why You Must Stop Progressive Tooth Decay

Progressive diseases are ones that gain momentum over time. The longer you wait to address the issue at hand, the worse the outcome can be for you. It’s not only life-threatening diseases like cancer that can be progressive. While you may not think of cavities as particularly serious problems, the tooth decay that causes cavities… Read more »

Family Dentistry Offers Something for Every Mouth

No matter who you are, if you have teeth, you need to care for them. Keeping your teeth clean helps them stay healthy and increases their longevity. That’s why it’s so important to attend appointments for regular cleanings and examinations. Family dentistry is the branch of general dentistry that covers preventive care for every member… Read more »

Family Dentistry Keeps Teeth Happy

Family dentistry isn’t just a service that dentists provide, it’s an approach to oral healthcare designed to keep everyone’s teeth happy and healthy. Family dentistry is about establishing good habits at home, and creating an expectation that each member of the family sees a dental professional twice annually. Of course, “family” also refers to the… Read more »

The Ins and Outs of Ultrasonic Scaling

Even the term “ultrasonic” can conjure images of futuristic technology and science fiction aesthetic. However, ultrasonic technology is more prevalent and applicable for you than you may even realize. In fact, it’s sitting there in your dentist’s office. Ultrasonic technology has been applied to the scaling process to make it easier, more comfortable, and more… Read more »

Time for Your Child’s Dentist Appointment

February marks a transitional time between winter and spring. As the first sights of green make their way to landscapes across the country, it’s the perfect time to adopt new habits. One such habit is taking your child in for regular dental checkups and cleanings! If your child’s first tooth has erupted, it’s time for… Read more »

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Hopefully brushing your teeth is a habit for you. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day to agitate bacteria and disrupt the formation of plaque on your teeth. Keeping a clean mouth will help you avoid oral health issues and prolong the life of your teeth. However, if brushing is a… Read more »

Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breath

When you first wake up in the morning, the stale taste and smell of your breath is enough to prompt you to brush your teeth before doing anything else. Sometimes, though, the smell of bad breath can remain even after brushing and flossing, which could indicate that there is more involved than just a simple… Read more »