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Using Implants To Secure Restorations

Simply adjusting to life without your full smile can be an unsatisfying response to tooth loss. After all, the absence of one tooth can do more than just impact your appearance. A gap can also disrupt your bite function, and it can lead to problems with your jaw health. A single missing tooth can also… Read more »

How Are Dental Implants Different?

In our last article, we discussed the many different options you have for replacing your lost teeth, and how you can go about choosing the right one for your smile. Today, more patients are choosing dental implant restorations over more traditional bridges and dentures due to the comprehensive way they address tooth loss. At our… Read more »

How Implants Replace Lost Teeth Better than Other Options

In our last article, we explored the many different considerations that come with losing one or more teeth. If it occurs, then addressing tooth loss as soon as possible is the best way to save your smile from the effects it could potentially have. One of the most important considerations involves the loss of your… Read more »

Tips to Caring for Your Dental Implants

There are many reasons why it’s important to mimic your healthy tooth structure as closely as possible when designing your tooth replacement option. For example, the more realistic your restoration looks, the greater its value will be to your smile’s overall appearance. The more accurately it conforms to your healthy teeth’s shape and contours, the… Read more »

3 Important Truths About Dental Implants

Even before you experienced tooth loss, you may have been familiar with dental implants. As the only prosthetic dental option to replace the roots of your lost teeth, dental implants stand apart as one of the most lifelike smile restorations. Because of that unique ability, dental implants are an increasingly more popular solution for rebuilding… Read more »

How Exactly Do Dental Implants Address Tooth Loss?

The art of replacing lost teeth isn’t a new aspect of modern dentistry. In fact, it’s been a part of professional dental care for centuries, and remains one of the most important methods of helping patients preserve their smiles following tooth loss. However, dental implants are a relatively new edition to prosthetic dentistry, and offer… Read more »

Life Gets Better with Dental Implants

Tooth loss is never an easy obstacle to handle. It creates physical and emotional stress for you. When you’re missing teeth, it can wear down your remaining teeth and cause you discomfort while eating. It can also cause you to feel self conscious about your smile. When you want life to get better after tooth… Read more »

What to Expect After Dental Implants

Recovery from tooth loss is important. For one, replacing your missing teeth can rebuild your smile and restore your confidence. Additionally, it also gives you the ability to comfortably eat foods. Further, tooth replacements stabilize the alignment of your bite, and they can strengthen your jawbone. Dental implants are a preferred prosthetic option precisely for… Read more »

You Can Always Overcome Tooth Loss

Have you suffered adult tooth loss? This experience can be traumatic and frustrating. It can be incredibly discouraging as well. Missing teeth lead to a loss in confidence, and make it difficult to enjoy the same foods that you did before tooth loss. When faced with this difficult situation, it may be easy to fall… Read more »

Make Dental Implants Part of Your Recovery

Tooth loss is never an easy obstacle to overcome. There are many different reasons that you can lose one or many adult teeth, and in every case the loss comes with lifestyle changes. If you suffer tooth loss, you want to make a recovery as soon as possible. What that recovery plan looks like will… Read more »