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What Patients Gain By Taking Home Customized Whitening Kits

A good oral hygiene routine will help you avoid trouble with tooth decay and gum disease. If you thoroughly brush and floss each day, you can fight off the accumulation of particles that change the color of your enamel in addition to ridding your smile of harmful bacteria and the sugars that feed them. Unfortunately,… Read more »

How Convenient Is Tooth Bonding And Contouring Treatment?

If you expect cosmetic dentistry to be a difficult or drawn-out experience, you can hesitate to look into treatment. Asking about the cosmetic services available to you can help you discover how convenient the right treatment can be. One service, tooth bonding and contouring, can actually change your smile with minimal changes to your enamel… Read more »

Can I Look Into Cosmetic Dental Work Around The Holidays?

While the holidays are a time for fun, they are also often a time where people stay busy. As a result, it may be hard to imagine yourself having time for any new tasks before the end of the year. However, if you want to look your best in holiday photos, or if you just… Read more »

Is Dental Discoloration Always Caused By Enamel Stains?

If your teeth look less white than they used to, you may assume that the problem is with stains that you have picked up over time. As common as it is for stains to dull a person’s enamel, there are other issues that can affect the color of your smile. You may have issues with… Read more »

Using Porcelain Veneers To Hide Your Dental Flaws

Even if your teeth are healthy, you may feel reluctant to really show off your smile. This is one reason that cosmetic flaws can be so frustrating – even if your efforts to take care of your teeth are successful, you can lack confidence in the way they look. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry is effective at… Read more »

How Tooth Bonding Services Address Unsightly Dental Flaws

Even if they only affect your appearance, not your oral health, a problem with the shape, size, or color of your tooth can be a big deal to you. After all, a “small” issue can draw unwanted attention, and it can make your smile asymmetrical. What you may not realize is that conservative cosmetic dental… Read more »

We Can Find A Way To Brighten Your Discolored Smile

If your teeth gradually grow discolored because of stains, it can be hard to hold onto your confidence in your smile. Even with good preventive dental habits in place, you may notice that your teeth are losing their whiteness. Your Redmond, OR dentist’s office is able to deal with discoloration by offering a professional teeth… Read more »

Obtaining A Brighter Smile From Home

If you have stains on your teeth, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. We understand, and your Redmond, OR, dentist provides an at-home teeth whitening option to target and remove these stains in as little as a week. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how professional teeth whitening offers a stunning new… Read more »

Will Porcelain Veneers Transform Your Smile?

A number of factors could lead to poor smile esthetics, such as shape, color, and alignment. Treating these concerns could take a number of procedures. But what if your Redmond, OR, dentist could identify and treat multiple cosmetic issues with a single procedure? In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at the benefits… Read more »

Single Visit Repair With Bonding And Contouring

We recently focused on teeth whitening, which we use to brighten teeth and help improve overall smile beauty. But what if you have issues with the shape of your teeth? What if you have a chipped tooth? With dental bonding and cosmetic contouring, your Redmond, OR, dentist can help repair smiles and improve the function… Read more »