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Address Teeth Grinding Issues To Avoid Dental Damage

Have you started to grow used to a feeling of tenderness or pain in your teeth and jaw when you wake up? These uncomfortable feelings often follow a night spent clenching or grinding your teeth. This issue, known as bruxism, can lead to more than just unpleasant mornings. In time, the wear and tear from… Read more »

Bruxism & Bite Function: Why Teeth Shouldn’t Grind Together

Your bite is made to function repeatedly throughout the day, and your teeth are made from the strongest substance your body produces, so it may not seem like grinding them is a big problem. However, your bite’s function relies on several important factors working together, and your teeth structures are strong, not indestructible. Because of… Read more »

3 Things that Happen when You Keep Grinding Your Teeth

Several common things can threaten the health of your teeth without you realizing it. For example, things like chewing on ice or always using your teeth to open things can lead to unexpected tooth damage, or worse. The same is true for grinding your teeth together, which is a common habit for many people. In… Read more »

What Happens if You Ignore Bruxism Long Enough?

Sometimes, it’s easier to ignore something that doesn’t seem too serious. For example, when you grind your teeth a little more often than usual, you might easily consider it a small thing. Yet, for conditions like bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, what seems inconsequential can actually be just the beginning of a serious problem with your… Read more »

A Few Important Facts About TMJ Disorder

Having TMJ disorder is no fun. The jaw dysfunction can lead to a wide range of symptoms that range from minor to severe, and even affect your bite’s ability to function properly. Yet, some of the symptoms might not be obviously connected to your jaw health, so finding relief from them can be even more… Read more »

How Bruxism Affects Your Bite Function

For many people, taking good care of their oral health usually means keeping their teeth and gums clean and free of disease. Given the progressive nature of such issues, they’re often the most common threats to a healthy smile. However, your bite’s ability to function properly, and the different parts of your oral structures that… Read more »

A Likely Reason Behind Your Chronic Jaw Pain

Unless you’ve dealt with jaw pain before, you might not ever think about it. Unlike toothaches, an aching jaw isn’t a symptom of the most common dental issues, like tooth decay or gum disease. Therefore, if you do develop chronic jaw pain, you might not automatically know what could be causing it, or how you… Read more »

When Should You Start Worrying About Teeth-Grinding?

You might catch yourself grinding your teeth sometimes, but to most people, it isn’t anything to be concerned about. If your teeth are healthy, they should be strong enough to endure it. However, if you grind your teeth chronically – a condition known as bruxism – then the damage you’re doing to your tooth structure… Read more »

Battling Back Against Bruxism

Everyone has habits. Some habits you notice and some you don’t even think about. Some habits are harmful, and some can spiral out of control. Habits will always be there, but it’s best if you’re at least aware of what they are. Grinding your teeth can be a habit you adopt during the day. It… Read more »

Ask Your Dentist How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Most people automatically know to speak with their dentist if they experience a toothache, or crack a tooth, but rarely do they consider teeth-grinding a worrisome symptom or condition. In many cases, it isn’t, but for some patients, it can be one of the greatest threats to their oral health. Constant teeth-grinding, also known as… Read more »