Month: November 2022

What Can I Do To Secure Smile-Friendly Cavity Care?

Once you have a cavity, you will need to undergo dental treatment to restore your tooth’s health. That means more than just having decayed tissues removed, as you will need to do something about the permanent harm done to your enamel. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is prepared to help you resolve problems with decay… Read more »

Beginning Treatment To Make Teeth Whiter

Is there something that you can do to make your smile several shades brighter? If you have concerns about discoloration, the impact of a store bought whitening treatment can leave you feeling let down. Fortunately, this is not the only option that is open to you, as your Redmond, OR dentist can also help! Our… Read more »

Successful Treatment With A Same-Day Crown

If you choose a more convenient treatment for your oral health, will you have to sacrifice durability or your smile? CEREC technology makes it possible for your dentist to produce a lifelike crown on-site, which means that it is ready in just a single appointment. Our Redmond, OR dentist relies on this technology to make… Read more »

When Bruxism Becomes A Nightly Issue

A night spent grinding and clenching your teeth is a night spent creating problems for your jaw and dental enamel. Unfortunately, a person who has difficulties with bruxism can continue to experience this issue, which can lead to chronic pain from TMJ disorder as well as harm to your tooth structure! The good news is… Read more »

The Trouble Caused By Skipping Dental Exams

There are different actions you should take on a daily basis to protect your smile. Brushing and flossing diligently are important, and so is a commitment to a healthy, low-sugar diet. While it may be hard to overstate how important these behaviors are for your dental well-being, remember that they should not take the place… Read more »