Renew Your Gumline For Your Health

Gums Redmond ORGum recession is an incredibly common occurrence within American mouths. Approximately 42% of us over the age of thirty have some form of periodontal disease, or the term for the inflammation and infection of this tissue. Yet, despite its prevalence, people are unlikely to want to discuss the topic.

Patients will change the way they speak or how they smile simply in order to avoid showing their mouths. This is unnecessary, and we can restore the protection that comes with a healthy gumline. Today, your Redmond, OR dentist discusses some common ways we use to restore your gums, and why it is a necessary procedure. You shouldn’t fear this surgery, either, and we’ll let you know why!

Causes Of Concern

Your gums provide direct protection for our whole bodies. The mouth is the largest opening into the body, and there needs to be a significant operation in maintaining a healthy smile. This tissue covers the roots of our teeth, and provide stability.

If you begin to notice blood when you are brushing your teeth, you may think that you are brushing your teeth too firmly. But in actuality, you most likely have developed gingivitis, or the initial phase in periodontal disease. Our mouths should be strong enough to withstand a firm brushing.

If you notice this, take extra care at the site and inform your trained oral health care professional at your next exam at the latest. They may want to see you sooner, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call.

A Simple Remedy

The solution for gum recession is what is known as a graft, the first being that of the free gingival type. This is where your dentist initially cleans the site and removes any tissue with signs of infection. Then the remaining periodontal tissue is stretched outward. Your healthcare professional then adheres this matter to the tooth at a location of a natural gumline.

If you require more matter than is available at the spot, we can take some from a different location within your own mouth. This is most often the roof of the mouth or the soft palate, where it is likely to heal. This tissue is then placed alongside the damage area, and it grows together. This fusion is incredibly effective at bringing mouths back to life.

Not only is this great for your health, it will drastically improve the look of your smile, now and for years to come. By protecting your gums, you protect your teeth and your jaw as well. So don’t wait, handle this before it gets worse!

Give Us A Call!

If you would like to find out how we can protect you, and about how we can offer tips for better preventive care, please reach out to your Redmond, OR, dentist at 541-923-5927.