Month: May 2022

What Veneers Do For Flawed Smiles

How close are you to showing off your best smile? Even if you have several problems with the way your teeth look, you could be closer to your ideal appearance than you realize, as you may only need one procedure to put your flaws behind you! Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is prepared to offer… Read more »

Convenient Care From One-Visit Crowns

When you think about the “right” approach to dental work, you can expect to hear that a procedure will have lasting support for your tooth. You can be happy to learn that treatment will also preserve or even preserve your smile. What may surprise you is that with our same-day crowns, our Redmond, OR dentist’s… Read more »

We Can Help Those Living With TMJ Pain

How often do you find yourself distracted by pain in your face and jaw? Do you suffer headaches on a worryingly frequent basis? These problems, along with poor bite movement and pain in areas like your neck and shoulders, can point to trouble with TMJ disorder. Any problems that lead to poor joint alignment and… Read more »

Using Implants To Secure Restorations

Simply adjusting to life without your full smile can be an unsatisfying response to tooth loss. After all, the absence of one tooth can do more than just impact your appearance. A gap can also disrupt your bite function, and it can lead to problems with your jaw health. A single missing tooth can also… Read more »

Using Your Custom Take-Home Whitening Kit

By brushing and flossing thoroughly every day, you can fight the buildup of bacteria that cause cavities, and you can clear away the remnants of the different foods and drinks you consumed. Clearing away debris from meals, snacks, and beverages can help you avoid more than just oral health issues, as you can fight the… Read more »