Month: March 2022

How Do I Prevent Nightly Teeth Grinding?

If your nightly rest leads to stiffness and pain in your face, teeth, and jaw in the morning, you may need help dealing with bruxism. A habit of nightly jaw grinding and clenching is not something that you should ignore. Until you address it, you can have worsening issues with dental discomfort. Eventually, the damage… Read more »

Seeing Results From Treatment With Veneers

Keeping your smile free of cavities and safe from gum disease can benefit you in many important ways. Of course, health is just one feature of a smile that can make a person happy with it. Issues with poor teeth spacing, discoloration, damage to enamel, and more can create embarrassing cosmetic flaws. While less attractive… Read more »

Same-Day Crowns And The Patient Experience

Your comfort during routine dental care is important, but it is not the only time you should trust that your dentist wants to provide you with a positive experience. During restorative treatments that address active problems with your dental well-being, our Redmond, OR dental practice can work to make you feel comfortable with care and… Read more »

Enjoying A Successful Whitening Treatment

While many people have some troubles with dental discoloration, more significant stains can be especially frustrating. Fighting enamel stains on your own can be difficult because the particles that cause these problems can accumulate, settle, and become difficult to remove. Are you simply stuck with these embarrassing stains? At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Is Your Next Dental Checkup Booked?

What about your smile or oral care routine has changed since your last dental checkup? You may assume that you have no issues to worry over, and no reason to doubt your hygiene efforts, which can make you feel less inclined to prioritize another preventive visit. What you should know is that by postponing or… Read more »