Month: February 2022

Are You Free From Gingivitis Concerns?

If you want to feel truly confident in your oral health, you need to make sure your gums are protected. Like your teeth, these tissues are vulnerable to problems when oral bacteria are not properly managed. In time, their accumulation can lead to their movement beneath your gums, which means you are more likely to… Read more »

Why You Might Need A Root Canal

There are many reasons why people make oral hygiene a priority. One can be attributed to an understandable concern about problems that demand restorative services be performed by your dentist. You should take care to protect yourself against issues that might require the placement of a restoration or the performance of a root canal. With… Read more »

Cavity Care With A Lifelike Filling

Your Redmond, OR dentist takes problems with tooth decay seriously, and you should, too. Ignoring trouble with tooth decay can lead to pain and sensitivity from an infection, and potential complications like tooth loss! However, timely care can minimize damage to your enamel and make your restorative treatment more conservative. Whenever possible, we provide discreet… Read more »

Reasons To Feel Excited About Dental Bonding

A “slight” flaw that affects a tooth can cause considerable stress for you, as it can mar your smile and hurt your overall comfort with your appearance. Problems with our enamel from injuries, or issues that occur naturally, can take away from our smile symmetry, and they can pull the focus of others. What should… Read more »