Month: January 2022

Tell Your Dentist About Issues With Jaw Pain

Instead of simply enduring jaw pain and going about your life with limited or uncomfortable bite function, tell your Redmond, OR dentist about the matter. When you do so, you can learn more about this issue, TMJ disorder, and find out about how it can be treated. People can experience issues with jaw stiffness and… Read more »

Providing Same-Day Crowns For Patients

If you need to undergo treatment because of tooth decay or an injury, it is important that you receive the right restoration. A dental filling is a conservative treatment option that only covers an area where a cavity formed, which means the surrounding structure is left alone. However, if you have a more serious problem… Read more »

What Improvements Can Veneers Deliver?

Expressing your goals for cosmetic dental work will help you find out what your treatment options are, and what your dentist can do to help you show off a smile that makes you feel truly confident. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides different solutions for people who share an interest in positively changing the way… Read more »

How Can I Improve The Color Of My Smile?

Are you starting to feel as though you are stuck with a smile that looks dull and discolored? It can be difficult to remove the teeth stains that have affected your enamel on your own, even if you take home a teeth whitening kit from your local grocery store or pharmacy. By yourself, stains can… Read more »