When Did Your Last Dental Exam Occur?

If your answer to the question, “When did your last dental exam occur?” is within the last six months, you can feel good knowing that you are current with professional oral health care. However, if you have gone longer than this without support, you may be more vulnerable to problems that require restorative treatment than you realize! After all, your Redmond, OR dentist can spot problems with dental decay even before a person experiences the kind of pain and sensitivity they may associate with a cavity. Timely intervention and treatment makes restorative work more conservative, and it helps you preserve more of your tooth structure!

You May Be Past Due For Your Next Oral Health Checkup

Unless you are following your dentist’s orders by observing something other than a semiannual checkup schedule, you may be vulnerable to oral health issues that will require restorative dental work. By delaying your next appointment, you give tartar buildup more time to form and hurt your smile. You also make it more likely that you will experience gum disease that goes untreated, which can create oral health complications in the future.

What To Expect At An Exam

At your next dental exam, two important services will be provided to you. One is the cleaning of your teeth by your hygienist, who can take care of tartar as well as plaque buildup. Tartar deposits are a special concern, as they cannot be removed when you brush and floss. By removing the deposits for you, your hygienist lowers your risk for tooth problems and gingivitis. The other main service you receive is an evaluation from your dentist. This can lead to the early discovery of cavities that will have to be addressed.

Treating A Problem Identified At A Routine Checkup

So what will happen to you if your dentist identifies a cavity during your appointment? The sooner we act, the more of your natural tooth structure we can save. A minor cavity can leave a small amount of damage that we address with a discreet filling. A larger cavity can make a more involved procedure necessary. For example, a more severe cavity can lead to an infection that calls for both root canal therapy and dental crown placement.

Schedule A Dental Exam With Your Redmond, OR Dentist

At your next dental exam, your Redmond, OR dentist can alert you to any problems with your oral health that need to be addressed. You can also receive a welcome teeth cleaning that lowers your threat for problems in the future! Remember that our office is here to help if you need a checkup, or if you think something might be wrong with your smile. To find out more, contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.