Do You Clench Your Jaw While You Sleep?

Regular restful sleep can help you preserve your mental and physical health in important ways. Unfortunately, there are different issues that can stop you from gaining the most benefits from rest. One issue to worry about is bruxism, a tendency to clench your jaw, particularly when you are asleep. Nightly grinding and clenching can wear down your enamel and tax your jaw joints and muscles. This can lead to persistent pain, and it can also create difficulties with enamel damage. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can talk to you about protecting yourself with a custom appliance. We can also discuss treatment to restore teeth already damaged by wear and tear.

Nightly Teeth Grinding And Clenching Can Have Serious Consequences

If you do not take action to stop teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep, you can experience serious oral health consequences. Because it is difficult to change a behavior that occurs while you sleep, this is something that can call for help from your dentist to resolve. If you do not take action to protect yourself against bruxism, the wear and tear on your enamel can hurt your smile, and may eventually do enough damage to require restorative dental work!

Wearing A Custom Oral Guard At Night

At our appointment, we can provide a custom oral guard that you can wear at night to protect your teeth while you are asleep. Wearing it during rest will keep your jaw apart and prevent your upper and lower teeth from connecting. Over time, this can stop you from experiencing harm to your teeth as well as problems with jaw pain and stiffness associated with TMJ disorder.

Restoring Damaged Teeth

We can meet with you to discuss treatment if you suspect you are grinding your teeth at night, or bring up signs of wear and tear during a routine dental exam. Unfortunately, if you wait to do something until after you have visible damage to your enamel, it can call for cosmetic dental work to improve your appearance. In some cases, we may need to discuss restorative dental work to improve your appearance and health. With custom dental crowns, we can cover teeth that are chipped or cracked to address unwelcome physical changes as well as problems with your oral health function.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Your Issues With Clenching And Grinding Teeth

When teeth grinding problems are not addressed in time, dental damage can become a serious problem. Rather than simply live with worsening wear and tear, you can reach out to Coppertop Family Dentistry to learn how treatment can help you! To find out more about the value of a custom oral guard for protecting your smile, or to discuss dental work for damage that you have already experienced, contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.