Month: June 2021

What You Can Do About Teeth Stains

How will you regain confidence in your smile after teeth stains make you look older and less healthy? You may have already tried to fight discoloration with a product you purchased at your local grocery store or pharmacy. The results of your efforts may have left you less than thrilled – while these products can… Read more »

Dental Cleanings Help Keep Gums Healthy

When you brush and floss your teeth, you are protecting yourself against the formation of cavities. You also protect your gums when you perform these habits. By effectively cleaning the areas where your teeth meet your gum line, you remove bacteria that can cause gingivitis, which can worsen to cause more serious issues with gum… Read more »

Is Cosmetic Treatment Right For Me?

It may not be necessary for you to schedule restorative dental work, but that does not mean there is no procedure out there that might be of interest to you. For some patients, cosmetic treatment can be an appealing option. The right service can make you feel more comfortable when smiling and speaking, as your… Read more »

Do You Clench Your Jaw While You Sleep?

Regular restful sleep can help you preserve your mental and physical health in important ways. Unfortunately, there are different issues that can stop you from gaining the most benefits from rest. One issue to worry about is bruxism, a tendency to clench your jaw, particularly when you are asleep. Nightly grinding and clenching can wear… Read more »