Month: December 2020

How Convenient Is Tooth Bonding And Contouring Treatment?

If you expect cosmetic dentistry to be a difficult or drawn-out experience, you can hesitate to look into treatment. Asking about the cosmetic services available to you can help you discover how convenient the right treatment can be. One service, tooth bonding and contouring, can actually change your smile with minimal changes to your enamel… Read more »

Should You Change Your Toothbrushing Technique?

Are your teeth being cleaned thoroughly and consistently enough to stay cavity-free? Because we become so comfortable with our daily oral hygiene routines, we sometimes let bad habits slip in without realizing it. Over time, you can experience a buildup of tartar because of this, which leads to more problems with dental decay and gum… Read more »

Bringing Tooth Pain To An End With Root Canal Therapy

The constant feeling of tooth pain or sensitivity can be more than just irritating. Your discomfort can also serve as a warning that your tooth is in poor health, and that treatment is needed to stop its condition from growing even worse! Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is prepared to help you if an injury… Read more »

Stop Your Teeth Grinding Issues Before You Hurt Your Smile

If you think you are grinding your teeth during the night, you should let your dentist know promptly. If you wait too long to do something about this issue, it can lead to more than just painful or tender feelings in your face, teeth, and jaw. In time, the wear and tear caused by teeth… Read more »

How Much Are You Currently Doing To Prevent Gingivitis?

Smart daily oral hygiene habits provide long-term benefits for your smile and general health. When you brush and floss your teeth, you protect yourself against cavities, but you also keep yourself safe against gingivitis. While people often understand that they need to avoid issues with gum disease, they are not always clear on just how… Read more »