Month: August 2020

Is There Something Your Dentist Can Do To Address Jaw Pain?

Putting up with jaw pain can be difficult for several reasons. In addition to causing discomfort throughout the day, your pain can make biting and speaking motions difficult. What you may not realize is that jaw pain can actually be connected to other aches and pains that you wish to address. If your discomfort is… Read more »

We Can Find A Way To Brighten Your Discolored Smile

If your teeth gradually grow discolored because of stains, it can be hard to hold onto your confidence in your smile. Even with good preventive dental habits in place, you may notice that your teeth are losing their whiteness. Your Redmond, OR dentist’s office is able to deal with discoloration by offering a professional teeth… Read more »

Bringing A Child In For Their First Dental Checkup

While kids may not be ready to brush their own teeth until they are six or seven, they are vulnerable to dental decay once their first teeth begin to arrive. Parents have a large role to play in protecting their small children against cavities, but they can count on support from their dentist. At our… Read more »

When Are Root Canal Treatments Recommended?

Even if they are unfamiliar with what the procedure involves, patients sometimes worry that they might learn they need a root canal procedure. If you have concerns around this procedure, you should know that the process of root canal therapy can be more comfortable than you realize. It also helps you by putting a stop… Read more »