Want To Stay Cavity-Free? Stay Consistent With Checkups

If you do a good job brushing and flossing your teeth every day, and make an effort to minimize your exposure to foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, you can control your cavity risk. While smart habits will have a big impact on your oral health, keep in mind that your routine dental exams also help if your goal is to remain free of decay. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides a thorough review of your oral health during regular visits, along with detailed cleanings that remove tartar as well as plaque from your smile. When these efforts are combined with good decisions between appointments, you can stay clear of problems that demand restorative dental work!

How Checkups Affect Your Ability To Prevent Issues With Dental Decay

At routine dental checkups, patients are given a close review as well as a thorough cleaning of their teeth. The cleaning benefits you because these services remove tartar, plaque, and any bits of food that have been left on or between teeth. During the evaluation, your dentist is watching closely for any signs of decay that are already cause for concern. While you may learn that you need cavity treatment at a routine visit, the problem can be identified and resolved before advanced restorative dental work is necessary.

Cleanings Help You Avoid Cavities And Gum Disease

Do you have a good strategy in place for fighting tartar buildup? If you are consistent and thorough with cleaning your smile, you can prevent deposits from forming by regularly removing plaque deposits. Unfortunately, any plaque deposit that hardens to form tartar will remain in place until your next teeth cleaning. Your hygienist carefully removes any deposits found during a review. By doing so, the threat you face from dental decay and gum disease is lowered!

What Will Happen If My Dentist Finds A Cavity During My Exam?

Ideally, there will be no follow-up treatments needed after a routine checkup. Unfortunately, many people will discover that they have at least one cavity needing treatment at an appointment. The good news is that when you are consistent with your checkups, cavities can be caught and treated with dental fillings that minimize changes to your appearance of tooth structure. If a cavity is not caught because you are not staying consistent with exams, it can continue to damage the tooth until a dental crown is required.

Set Up Your Next Checkup With Coppertop Family Dentistry!

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