Dealing With Gingivitis During A Preventive Dental Visit

woman ready for ultrasonic scalingAt your next routine dental exam, you can safely assume that your dentist will want to closely study the condition of your teeth. What you should remember is that your periodontal health is also being assessed during routine visits. If problems with gingivitis are identified, an ultrasonic scaling can be recommended to restore the health of your gums and prevent potential complications from affecting your well-being. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is committed to helping our patients stay on top of their dental health needs. We are ready to recommend focused care for your gums if you struggle with gingivitis, just as we are prepared to discuss restorative dental work if you have issues with cavities!

We Check On The Health Of Your Gums During Routine Evaluations

In the course of a routine evaluation, your dentist takes a close look at your teeth and oral structures to find any signs of poor health that should be addressed. As part of your review, your gums will be examined so that we can determine if you might need a special periodontal cleaning. If a problem with your gums is ignored, gingivitis can worsen in time and start doing serious damage to the tissues that support your teeth. You might not realize it, but gum disease is actually the leading cause of problems for tooth loss experienced as an adult.

Addressing Gingivitis With An Ultrasonic Scaling

While a routine teeth cleaning is performed for teeth above your gum line, an ultrasonic scaling is recommended whenever the symptoms of gingivitis are present. Your scaling targets the portions of your teeth that are covered by periodontal tissues. This makes removing bacteria that have gathered on your roots possible. The ultrasonic tool we use for this can clear away bacteria more easily, so we can minimize discomfort during your cleaning.

Some Helpful Tips To Prevent Future Problems With Gingivitis

Better oral hygiene can help you avoid problems that demand dental fillings and dental crowns. Improved habits are also good for preventing problems with gingivitis! Take the time to brush and floss thoroughly every day – to avoid gum disease, make sure that you are always cleaning at the base of your teeth. Keeping up with regular exams also helps, because they can lead to targeted periodontal care before an infection has time to worsen.

Your Redmond, OR Dentist’s Office Can Help You Deal With Gingivitis

At Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR, patients who show signs of gingivitis can receive support in the form of an ultrasonic scaling. The scaling removes bacteria below your gum line in order to clear away the harmful agents responsible for your infection. This is one of many services we offer that can help patients maintain healthier, happier smiles! Learn more by calling our Redmond, OR dentist’s office at 541-923-5927.