3 Ways Replacing Lost Teeth Restores Your Smile

Smile restoration can mean many different things, depending on what your smile needs, exactly. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, for instance, then you’ll need to replace the teeth you’ve lost in order to restore your smile’s health, appearance, and function. While this may seem obvious, the specific ways in which replacing lost teeth restores your smile may not always be. Today, we examine these ways and the importance of addressing your tooth loss as soon as possible.

1. Making your smile look healthier

The appearance of your smile can be greatly affected even by seemingly minor issues, and the loss of even a single tooth is much more than minor. That’s why your smile’s appearance may be one of the biggest motivating factors for restoring your smile, and why today’s modern prosthetic options are designed to closely mimic your healthy, natural tooth structure. Once your custom-designed restoration is in place, you can once again enjoy a healthy, beautiful, and full smile. You can also enjoy the many more serious benefits that come with reestablishing your full, healthy smile, including improved long-term oral health.

2. Restoring your bite’s proper function

While it isn’t as immediately noticeable as the appearance of your smile, the way your bite functions also plays a significant role in the daily state of your oral health. If you can’t bite and chew properly, then your teeth, jaw joints, and other oral structures can suffer. In the case of tooth loss, your bite’s function can be impacted in multiple ways. The empty spaces in your smile can throw off the balance in your bite, which can make it harder to bite and chew comfortably. Your remaining teeth are also more likely to shift and/or become damaged under the uneven bite pressure.

3. Ensuring your continued good oral health

In addition to your bite’s ability to function, having a full row of teeth on both of your dental ridges also helps you take better care of your smile in the long-term. Replacing your lost teeth restores your bite’s balance, so your remaining teeth are less likely to experience complications as a result of it. It also helps you take better care of your teeth by making it easier to practice good hygiene and keep your teeth and gums free of harmful oral bacteria. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, then replacing your lost teeth is the most important thing you can do to preserve your long-term oral health.

Learn about replacing your lost teeth

The only way to restore your smile after you’ve experienced tooth loss is to replace them with the most lifelike option available, such as dental implants. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR, today at 541-923-5927.