Month: January 2020

Why Choose Professional Whitening Over OTC Products?

It can take your teeth a while to become noticeably stained or discolored, but once you do notice it, the instinct to brighten them can be strong. So strong, in fact, that people often buy whitening products over-the-counter (OTC) to try and erase their teeth stains as soon as possible. While the urge is understandable,… Read more »

Bruxism & Bite Function: Why Teeth Shouldn’t Grind Together

Your bite is made to function repeatedly throughout the day, and your teeth are made from the strongest substance your body produces, so it may not seem like grinding them is a big problem. However, your bite’s function relies on several important factors working together, and your teeth structures are strong, not indestructible. Because of… Read more »

Scaling and Root Planing When You Have Gingivitis

Dental cleanings are a common and highly essential part of keeping your smile healthy for life. In fact, having your teeth professionally cleaned is the only way to remove the calcified tartar that plaque turns into when it stays long enough. Though less common than general dental cleaning, deep periodontal cleaning might also be necessary… Read more »

What Happens If Your Dental Checkup Reveals a Problem?

After a few consecutive dental checkups of getting a clean bill of health, you might feel more confident in postponing or canceling your next one. Your smile’s been good for a while, so as long as you stick the same routine, it should remain so, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true, if you skip even… Read more »

How Are Dental Implants Different?

In our last article, we discussed the many different options you have for replacing your lost teeth, and how you can go about choosing the right one for your smile. Today, more patients are choosing dental implant restorations over more traditional bridges and dentures due to the comprehensive way they address tooth loss. At our… Read more »

Choosing the Right Replacement for Lost Teeth

Like most dental treatments, prosthetic dentistry is designed to address your specific, unique oral health needs. Choosing the right replacement depends on several factors, including how many teeth you’ve lost and where they are along your dental ridge. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, we can help you rebuild your smile in the most beneficial… Read more »

What Does Tooth Loss Really Mean for Your Smile?

Depending on the cause of your tooth loss, it could mean that an underlying oral health concern has grown too severe. Or, it could mean that your emergency dental trauma was serious enough to knock a tooth out. In most cases, though, what tooth loss really means for your smile is that it now faces… Read more »

Does Extracting a Tooth Mean You Have to Replace It?

Finding out that a tooth needs to be extracted can be concerning enough, but finding out that it also needs to be replaced afterward can make some patients hesitate to seek treatment at all. This can worsen their condition in several ways; first, the underlying problem and discomfort can grow worse. Also, the inevitable extraction… Read more »

2 Ways a Same-Day Crown Improves Your Treatment

The point of using advanced technology in the course of your dental care and treatment is to help improve the results of your treatment as well as the impact it has on your oral health. For example, digital X-rays produce clearer, crisper images of your teeth and oral structures, and also help you save time… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Treat Cavities Immediately

If a problem develops with your oral health, then the fact that treating it is important may not be a surprise. However, common conditions that often don’t seem serious, such as cavities, might not seem as essential to treat immediately. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, our goal is to help you save your smile… Read more »