Dental Crowns Repair Damaged Teeth

Damaged teeth create a liability for your overall oral health. When you have chipped or broken teeth, they can cause discomfort by rubbing against your tongue or cheeks. Damaged teeth may also be susceptible to bacterial infection. In some cases, bacterial infection is the cause of the damage. No matter why your tooth has become damaged, you need to repair it quickly to prevent further problems from developing. How can you do that? Choose a dental crown to cover and protect your vulnerable tooth. Receiving this treatment may be easier than you realize.

How Do Dental Crowns Repair Damaged Teeth?

Choosing a dental crown to repair your damaged tooth gives you the best chance to preserve the long-term viability of said tooth. Dental crowns are made to look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. Before fabricating the crown, your dentist will take precise measurements of the tooth being repaired, as well as the surrounding teeth. This will ensure that your crown fits comfortably in conjunction with your natural teeth. Then, your dentist will fabricate a crown that fits over the top of your tooth and protects it from additional physical or microbiological damage.

Dental Crowns Can Protect You from All Kinds of Problems

If you have cracked a tooth while eating something, you’ve broken a tooth during a physical accident, or a tooth has been rotted by bacteria, a dental crown may be able to help in all of these circumstances. Dental crowns that protect a vulnerable tooth and give you back the structural stability that allows you to comfortably chew and eat food. Even if you ultimately need to have a tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant, your dentist will still utilize a dental crown to complete the prosthetic.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Make the Whole Process Easy

In the past, receiving a dental crown came with some hassle. You had to have an initial appointment to get your measurements taken. Then you’d get a temporary crown that likely didn’t fit just right. You’d have to wait for a couple weeks to return to the dentist and have your temporary crown removed and the permanent crown set. Same-day dental crowns reduce all that hassle and allow you to be fitted for and receive your dental crown in the same visit. Same-day crowns are made using 3D imaging technology and a CEREC machine that carves your dental crown to specifications in a matter of minutes.

Find Same-Day Dental Crowns at Coppertop Family Dentistry

Coppertop Family Dentistry proudly provides same-day dental crowns for your convenience. If you need a tooth restored, you want it done right away. Same-day crowns allow you to recover and feel good about the state of your teeth. Make an appointment at Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR by calling 541-923-5927.