Month: August 2019

Does Extraction Make Sense for Your Damaged Tooth?

Tooth extraction isn’t a particularly appealing prospect. The whole idea is to keep your teeth throughout your lifetime, so why would you voluntarily remove one of them? In some cases, the best course of action for your long-term oral health is to remove a damaged tooth. You should know, that in cases where extraction is… Read more »

Will Cosmetic Dentistry Work if You’ve Had Cavities?

Cosmetic dental treatments can improve the appearance of your smile, which often leads to a boost in confidence. With a variety of cosmetic options at your dentist’s disposal, they can typically correct for any kind of cosmetic defect that you may be experiencing with your teeth. One thing that cosmetic dentistry can’t correct is cavities…. Read more »

Get Your Dentistry Appointments on the Calendar

Are you familiar with your dental insurance benefits? It’s important to know what type of coverage and plan you have. These factors will determine when and how you schedule your care. Scheduling appointments for yourself and your whole family usually requires managing a lot of logistics. It’s important to find a dental care provider that… Read more »

Don’t Wait for the Signs of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a progressive condition that can cause the structural erosion of your teeth. It’s the most common oral health problem that people face. Often characterized by cavities, tooth decay involves the buildup of harmful bacteria that eat away at the surface of your tooth. If you don’t treat the condition in time, the… Read more »

Want Fewer Appointments to Get Your Dental Crown?

Who doesn’t want to get things done faster? With so many modern conveniences available to you in your life, it really stands out when something is slow. That’s the traditional dental crown process. Conventional dental crowns are made by taking measurements of your teeth and sending them off to a lab for fabrication. In the… Read more »