A Tooth Replacement Can Improve Oral Health

Missing teeth can put a damper on your smile. If you feel self conscious about the state of your smile, you’ll be less likely to share that smile with others. This can lead to social discomfort and a loss of confidence. That’s often the main reason why people look for a prosthetic dental option after suffering tooth loss as an adult. However, there are medical reasons to seek a replacement tooth as well. A tooth replacement can actually serve as a stabilizing force for your overall oral health. Here’s why replacing your missing tooth pronto is such a good idea.

A Replacement Tooth Holds Your Other Teeth in Place

Even after your adult teeth have grown into place, your teeth are still capable of shifting. The structure and alignment of your teeth actually hold themselves together to some extent. When you remove a tooth — or many teeth — from the equation, your teeth can begin to shift to compensate for the gap. That can lead to misalignment issues that create abnormal pressure pockets in your bite. This can lead to premature wear on your remaining teeth. Misaligned teeth are also more difficult to clean, and they don’t look as nice as straight teeth.

Dental Prosthetics Can Prevent Infection from Populating an Area

In addition to alignment and spacing concerns, dental prosthetics can help with other oral health issues. If you have an exposed area of gum where your tooth used to be, this part of your mouth can be vulnerable. Bacteria may work their way beneath your gum line and cause gum disease. This represents a completely different, and difficult problem to tackle, which can compound your oral health issues. Choosing a dental prosthetic will occupy the area where you’re missing a tooth and stabilize the condition of your teeth.

Finding a Replacement Tooth Option Is Good for Your Mental Health Too

Replacing your missing tooth isn’t just about repairing your physical health. Restoring your smile is good for your mental health too! You shouldn’t have to feel self conscious and embarrassed by the state of your teeth. Dental prosthetics repair the function of your bite, but they also restore the appearance of your smile. Whether it’s dentures or dental implants (or a combination of the two), a dental prosthetic solution is a positive step forward for your overall well being.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Offers Tooth Replacements for All Kinds of Tooth Loss

For individual cases of tooth loss, dental implants provide an excellent solution. Their stability and durability allow you to completely recover from tooth loss. Dentures are a strong option for cases of extensive tooth loss. Choosing the right prosthetic is a matter of talking to your dentist. Dr. Evan Olson is an experienced dentist who considers the overall health of patients. Learn about your prosthetic options at Coppertop Family Dentistry by setting up an appointment. Call the Redmond, OR office at 541-923-5927.