Learn How Much a Dental Filling Could Save You

Tooth decay is a progressive condition. This means that the condition gets worse over time. What starts out as plaque buildup — which you may not even be able to see — can lead to cavities. Cavities can progress and cause infection in the gums or tooth roots. You could even lose the tooth altogether. Since tooth decay is progressive, the condition will not improve until you take action. A dental filling can repair the damage done by cavities, saving you time and money before things get worse. It’s time to learn how much receiving a dental filling now could save you in the long run.

Dental Fillings Save You Time, Pain, and Money

There are many reasons why you should move forward with a dental filling for your cavity as soon as possible. Dental fillings can repair the structural damage caused by cavities, and when you remove the bacteria from your tooth, you’ll remove the source of pain and infection. This saves you time as well, since the treatment required for more extensive damage usually comes with a much longer timetable. Dental fillings can often be set in a matter of minutes, and small fillings may not even require sedation at all. Fillings are also a much cheaper solution than dental crowns or root canal therapy.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Blend in with the Appearance of Your Teeth

Traditionally, dental fillings have been made with metal amalgam. This material is strong and durable, but it’s also noticeable from the outside eye. Tooth-colored dental fillings provide a restoration that blends in with the look of your natural teeth. Dental resin or ceramic can be used to fill in the space left by bacterial decay. These materials match the color of your tooth, so others won’t even notice that you’ve had a cavity filled.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Recommends Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have one or more cavities, now is the time to treat them. Receiving a dental filling now could save you time, money, and pain in the long run. Coppertop Family Dentistry recommends tooth-colored fillings to help you recover structurally and aesthetically from tooth decay. Remember, your condition won’t improve until you take action. Contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR today at 541-923-5927 to schedule your appointment for a checkup or filling.