Dental Crowns Offer Fortification for Weakened Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good is a top priority. Oral health conditions can come with lengthy timetables and costly expenses, so keeping your teeth clean is in your best interest. When you do develop a condition like a cavity, or the need for root canal therapy, you want to receive treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you remove the bacteria from your teeth and gums, the sooner you can restore comfort and a bright appearance to your smile. Dental crowns offer fortification for weakened teeth that need protection.

Dental Crowns Protect Teeth Weakened by Bacterial Infection

If you develop a cavity (and nearly everyone does at some point in their life), you need a dental filling to remove the bacteria and replace the structure worn away by the infection. If the cavity damage is significant, your tooth may need some extra fortification. Dental crowns fit over teeth to keep them protected from bacteria and physical damage. The same is true for teeth that need root canal therapy. Compromised tooth roots mean that the very foundation of your tooth may be weakened. A dental crown protects these vulnerable teeth.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Make Receiving Protection Easy

In the past, the major barrier to receiving the protection offered by a dental crown was the timetable. Crowns required an appointment for measurements, a temporary crown placement, a waiting period while the restoration was fabricated, and a removal of the temporary crown and placement of the actual crown. Same-day dental crown technology now exists. Your dentist can precisely measure your teeth, then use those measurements to fabricate a restoration on-site. Then your dentist can place your actual dental crown before you leave.

Get the Protection Your Teeth Need at Coppertop Family Dentistry

Protecting your teeth is a priority. When damage caused by bacteria threatens the integrity of your teeth, a dental crown can help. Coppertop Family Dentistry proudly offers cutting-edge technology, like same-day dental crowns, to give you an excellent experience. Don’t wait to receive the treatment you need. Make an appointment for a consultation by contacting Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.