Month: November 2018

Tooth Extraction to Preserve Your Smile

Hearing the phrase “tooth extraction” associated with oral health can be a little confusing. You want to keep all of your natural teeth healthy and clean so that they last a lifetime, so why would you voluntarily remove a tooth? While proper home care and restorative treatments help preserve your smile and repair it, not… Read more »

Enjoy a Whole New Smile Instantly

It’s been said that good things are worth waiting for. However, if you don’t have to wait, why would you? Almost everyone has something they’d change about their smile. Teeth are made to withstand a lifetime of wear, but their appearance doesn’t always hold up. Your teeth can pick up stains and cracks over time…. Read more »

The Advantages of a Same-Day Dental Crown

If you’ve never suffered significant tooth decay or an accident related to your teeth, you may not be familiar with dental crowns. Dental crowns are typically made from dental porcelain, and they fit over a damaged or decayed tooth. Your dentist measures the tooth in question, as well as the surrounding teeth, to ensure that… Read more »

Family Dentistry Protects Everyone’s Teeth

Modern life can be hectic and fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on what’s important. Your family’s health and overall wellbeing are paramount. When you can find a single place that cares for your family’s oral health, you’ll save yourself time, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your family is in… Read more »

Why You Must Stop Progressive Tooth Decay

Progressive diseases are ones that gain momentum over time. The longer you wait to address the issue at hand, the worse the outcome can be for you. It’s not only life-threatening diseases like cancer that can be progressive. While you may not think of cavities as particularly serious problems, the tooth decay that causes cavities… Read more »