Are You Waiting to Fill a Cavity?

Many people go through a stretch in their lives when they stop regularly visiting the dentist. It can be easy to let those biannual appointments fall off the calendar amidst so many other obligations. It’s especially difficult when you’re going through significant life changes like moving to a new city. However, you don’t want to let this habit spiral on you. Once you miss a few appointments, you may get nervous about going back. What if the dentist finds a cavity, or worse? Guilt and anxiety will keep you from getting the dental care you need if you let them. If you’re waiting to fill a cavity, here’s why you shouldn’t.

Cavities Are Actually on the Lighter Side of Restorative Dentistry Issues

You may get nervous about going in to have a cavity filled, but when you learn about other, more significant restorative dentistry procedures, a cavity won’t seem so bad. If you let your cavity linger, it can cause so much damage that your tooth needs a dental crown for protection. If the bacteria in your cavity penetrates deep enough to the roots of your tooth, you’ll need a root canal to clean it away. If you hold off on filling your cavity so long that a dental crown won’t even get the job done, you may have to extract the tooth for the health of your other teeth.

Modern Dental Fillings Are Easy and Discreet

Another reason not to wait is that modern dental fillings take care of your cavity with ease. Your dentist will remove the bacterial buildup that has caused the cavity, then fill in the hole with a tooth-colored resin. This resin actually fills your cavity more accurately, and it has the benefit of blending in with the appearance of your tooth. When others see your tooth, they likely won’t even realize that you’ve had a filling.

Get Your Filling Taken Care of at Coppertop Family Dentistry

Don’t wait to treat your cavity. You don’t want to deal with the more serious side of restorative dentistry. Work with the team at Coppertop and get your modern dental filling done today. Dr. Olson will guide you through the process and get your teeth back to their best. Schedule your appointment or consultation by contacting the Coppertop Family Dentistry office in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.