Month: September 2018

Help Your Teeth Feel Better Today

When you develop tooth pain, it can be a slow process that builds on itself. You notice discomfort one day. It worsens over time, but you slowly learn to live with it. Simply coping with the pain isn’t a good long-term solution though. Pain is a sign that something is wrong — likely bacterial infection…. Read more »

Are You Waiting to Fill a Cavity?

Many people go through a stretch in their lives when they stop regularly visiting the dentist. It can be easy to let those biannual appointments fall off the calendar amidst so many other obligations. It’s especially difficult when you’re going through significant life changes like moving to a new city. However, you don’t want to… Read more »

Learn More About Ultrasonic Scaling

If your teeth have led a relatively healthy life, you may be unfamiliar with ultrasonic scaling. However, if your dentist has recommended this treatment method, you may want to learn more about the process. Simply put, “scaling” is a procedure during which your dentist carefully accesses the roots of your teeth to clean away bacteria… Read more »

Your Dentist May Advise Tooth Extraction

Preserving the health of your teeth is of the utmost importance if you’d like to keep them throughout your adult life. That’s why you brush at least twice a day and floss regularly. It’s why you attend biannual dentist appointments. You don’t want to lose one of your adult teeth if possible. Why would your… Read more »