Dental Crowns Just Got Even Better

Dental crowns are a pretty incredible technology. Using a material like dental porcelain or metal, your dentist can fabricate a cap that covers your tooth to protect it from hard foods or bacteria. This solution is perfect for teeth that need to recover from severe damage. If you’ve suffered an accident that has left your tooth cracked, or a cavity has wreaked havoc on your tooth and left it unstable, a dental crown can help. Now, dental crowns are even better. That’s because your dentist can provide you with a same-day dental crown in one visit.

The Old Dental Crown Production Process Needed an Overhaul

While dental crowns present a valuable tool for your dentist, they haven’t always been the easiest fix for you as a patient. That’s because in the past, you dentist would need an initial appointment to diagnose your tooth decay and recommend a crown. Then you’d need impressions taken of your top and bottom teeth to give the fabricator measurements for the crown. The measurements would be sent to a lab that would require a couple weeks to create your crown. Meanwhile, your dentist would place a temporary crown that didn’t necessarily fit ideally. Then you’d have to come back to have your temporary crown removed and your actual crown set. Things are different now.

Contemporary Technology Condenses the Dental Crown Timeline

Thanks to modern dental technology, your dentist now has the ability to create your dental crown during a single visit. He or she can use advanced imaging technology to take precise measurements of your teeth. These digital images are then sent to an on-site device which will fabricate your crown using dental ceramics. The result is a final dental crown with specifications to match your tooth.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Proudly Uses Same-Day Crown Technology

Coppertop wants to provide you and your family members with an excellent experience at the dentist’s office. Advanced technology, like same-day dental crowns, help make life easier and more comfortable for you. To schedule a consultation appointment or a general checkup, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.