Same-Day Dental Crowns Are a Revelation

Everyone likes to have things quickly. Technology is faster than it has ever been, so it’s easier to get what you want, when you want it. In some cases, we’re all spoiled because it’s so convenient to shop, make appointments, and travel. However, some processes were long overdue for an upgrade. Technology moving faster makes even dental procedures easier and more efficient. Dental crowns, for example, are much more straightforward. Many adults end up needing dental crowns. If your tooth suffers significant decay, a simple filling won’t always get the job done. A dental crown covers the vulnerable tooth and gives you a lifelike fortification. The problem with dental crowns was the process. Modern technology and same-day dental crowns are a much-needed revelation.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Eliminate Hassle-Inducing Steps from the Process

Dental crowns have long been one of the most common dental restorations. Originally, you’d need an appointment to see your dentist so they could determine the extent of the tooth decay and prescribe a crown. Then, you’d have to come back for another appointment to have the bacteria cleaned from your tooth. Your dentist would then take measurements of the tooth for your crown. You’d receive a temporary crown to safeguard the tooth while a lab took a couple weeks to fabricate the crown. Finally, you’d go back in for another appointment to have the temporary crown removed, and the real crown placed. With same-day dental crowns, everything happens on the spot.

Same-Day Crowns Revolutionize the Restoration Procedure

When you see a dentist that offers same-day dental crowns, you’ll be able to feel your blood pressure dropping. During your appointment, your dentist will take precise images of your tooth. Those images are then sent to an on-site machine that creates the crown specifically for your needs. Once it’s prepared, your dentist will set the crown and you’ll be good to go.

Make Sure Your Dentist Offers Same-Day Dental Crown Technology

If you need a dental crown, trust Coppertop Family Dentistry and Dr. Olson for your procedure. Dr. Olson offers same-day dental crowns using modern technology, so you don’t have to suffer the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments and waiting to fix your tooth! To make an appointment with Coppertop Family Dentistry, contact the office in Redmond, OR by calling 541-923-5927.