Addressing Extraction Concerns All In One Place!

Just thinking about the need for a tooth extraction might be something that causes you to shake in your boots. Perhaps you assume needing an extraction makes you a failure in the world of dental care. Maybe you are afraid to imagine your smile with a missing tooth. While we completely empathize with these feelings, we urge you to recognize a few things: Sometimes an extraction is necessary, it doesn’t mean you’re not a fantastic human, and the aftermath will be fine! For a few specifics, let’s work our way through essential details.

Why You Might Need One

You might need a tooth extraction if there is a severe problem with your tooth that cannot be treated through other means. Or, if your tooth needs to go to free up space in your smile (such a during orthodontic treatment). Possible problems may include a severely decayed or damaged tooth, a wisdom tooth that is not developing properly, or an infected tooth.

Why It’s Okay

It’s okay to need a tooth extraction because it will guide you toward oral health. The removal allows us to get rid of the problem (your tooth), so we can ensure you end up with restored smile health rather than a declining smile.

How We May Follow Your Extraction

If you’ve had a tooth removed that does not benefit your bite and that is unnecessary (such as a wisdom tooth), then you’ll just need to heal and that’s it. However, if we have removed an important tooth that’s a significant part of your smile (you use it for your daily function), then we will replace it! We offer gorgeous, lifelike prosthetics, so you may continue to enjoy a full smile that’s both functional and lovely to behold.

See Us For Your Extraction As Soon As Possible

If you’ve been diagnosed with a concern that requires an extraction, see us as soon as you can, so we may begin to restore your smile. Schedule a visit with Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR today by contacting us at (541) 923-5927.