Treatments For Whitening Your Teeth

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What options do you have when it comes to improving the color of your teeth? If you experience discoloration or would like to remove unsightly stains, an over-the-counter product may not give you the results you desire. By speaking with your Redmond, OR dentist, you can discover more professional treatments for returning your desired shade! We could offer you a teeth whitening kit that is customized for your unique smile needs. By carefully examining the nature and extent of your discoloration, we can craft a treatment that removes your stains without harming your teeth or gums. (more…)

Providing Healthy Smiles For All Ages

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When you practice healthy oral hygiene habits throughout your entire lifetime, you can enjoy a healthy smile deep into your golden years. By taking a preventive attitude towards dental care early in life, you can reduce your chances of developing common problems that plague the mouths of many Americans. While certain young adults take a lax attitude toward visiting the dentist after leaving their parent’s nest, maintaining a semiannual visitation schedule will pay dividends when preventing cavities and gum disease.

At your Redmond, OR, dental practice, we stress the importance of preventive care for patients of all ages. To help you maintain the vibrancy of your smile, we provide cleanings and examinations at least twice per year. When you make the effort to attend each appointment, you allow us to inspect the results of your daily cleaning habits. Our professional expertise can remove plaque and tartar you cannot handle on your own, and when an oral threat presents itself, we can offer timely treatment when discovering it early. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with routine dental care!


Cosmetic Improvement For Your Smile

Happy woman smiling in business suitSeeking cosmetic treatment for imperfections in your smile can provide dramatic results that are clear to see! While many people have something they would love to improve about their teeth, not everyone realizes how easy treatment can be. If this sounds like you, talk to your dentist about quality smile improvements that you can notice. Addressing your issues with dental discoloration or physical imperfections grants serious mental benefits by alleviating concerns about how you appear to others. You can regain your confidence with a single procedure in one or two afternoons.

At your Redmond, OR, dentist’s office, we provide quality cosmetic improvement for your smile. By enhancing your appearance, we complement the natural beauty that lies beneath any stains or blemishes in your teeth. While enamel discoloration may be difficult to treat at home, our professional service can return the bright white shade that you desire. For minor chips and cracks within your teeth, we also offer a dental bonding solution that allows you to build back up their full structure. Enjoy a brand new smile at Coppertop Dental!


How Straighter Teeth Help Fight Decay

Man smiling in jean jacket holding coffee and smartphoneWhen you decide to straighten your teeth with orthodontic treatment, not only do you receive the desirable benefit of an improved appearance. A more uniform smile enhances your oral health by allowing you to much more easily clean your teeth. When teeth crowd or come in at awkward angles, you lose the ability to scrub the entire surface of each tooth. As certain spaces on your teeth avoid your brush and floss, plaque begins to accumulate and contributes to cavity formation and gum infection. Additionally, uneven teeth produce an uneven bite that can disproportionately wear away at the surface of your tooth and expose the inner structure to decay or infection as well.

At your Redmond, OR, dentist’s practice, we provide orthodontic treatment to improve your oral hygiene as well as offer a more beautiful appearance. With SureSmile® clear aligners, we help you address the risks of tooth decay from uneven teeth. By visiting our practice, we can examine the degree of your malocclusion and place you on a custom treatment schedule to bring your smile into position. (more…)

Your Dental Health Is More Than Your Teeth

Olive Shirt Woman Redmond ORAre you taking enough time to care for your gums? The infection and inflammation of this tissue is known as periodontal disease, and it is a highly common condition within American mouths. Nearly half of adults in this country experience this condition, so it is important to protect yourself from bacterial growth within your gums. Take care of your existing material, and learn new steps with your provider at Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR.

Along with your routine cleaning and examination, discuss the vitality of your gums with your dentist. Ultrasonic scaling gives you a fresher smile below the gumline, with the dedicated removal of debris and bacterial buildup. Plaque and tartar may be accumulating in areas where your brushing cannot reach, so make the effort in your maintenance. If you have begun to experience recession, talk with a provider about your options; improve your periodontal care for a stronger smile! (more…)

Maintain Your Vibrant Smile As You Age

Clap Redmond ORThe consistent care of your dental health is vital for the lasting strength of your smile. As you develop into adulthood, you might start to relax in the maintenance of your mouth. Testing the waters is a natural part of growing up, but your actions can have serious consequences. Take the time to properly manage your routine oral hygiene matters, and your future self will thank you.

Use a semiannual cleaning and examination as your baseline, and be sure not to skip your appointments. Patients of all ages can struggle with meeting their dental needs, and this is particularly the case for people who are growing into adulthood. At Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR, we understand the importance of preventive care. The investment in solid oral health habits can help you to keep your smile functional and gorgeous for years to come. Your checkup can also serve as a baseline for cosmetic improvements, so explain all of your needs to your provider during your visit. Feel better after a cleaning and know that you are doing your part in your maintenance! (more…)

Quality Improvement You Can Notice

Shine Redmond ORCosmetic dental concerns are common, as nearly everyone has something they would like to alter about their smile. If this sounds like you, take the time to determine if now is the right time for you to make a change. A positive improvement to your appearance can give you a new sense of confidence. For chips and cracks, there are helpful methods of tooth restoration. Dental bonding uses a technologically advanced composite resin to repair areas where you have lost enamel.

Take advantage of quality cosmetic enhancement from Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR and look your best. Enamel discoloration is a common issue that can be difficult to overcome on your own. Put down the harsh bleaches and speak with a dentist about ways to improve the brightness of your smile while keeping your enamel safe. Elevate your oral health with positive cosmetic dentistry! (more…)

Set Dental Goals For The Whole Family

Family Redmond ORWhen raising a child, instilling proper health values for the family is one of your key responsibilities. As a parent, you have someone who relies upon you to give them the proper tools in which they need to thrive in all areas of their life. Health is so important and their habits begin young, particularly in the maintenance of oral wellness.

This is why it can be helpful to schedule your routine cleanings and examinations at the same time as your child’s checkups. At Coppertop Dental in Redmond, OR, we can help you build positive habits at home through consistent smile maintenance. Both you and your kid should be in the dental chair at least twice a year, so January is a fantastic time for an appointment. Keep your smile strong and help your little one to have as many advantages as possible in living a full and complete life. (more…)

A Lasting Attractive Tooth Replacement

Office Redmond ORIf you are looking toward an extraction procedure in order to keep your mouth safe, it is important that you explore all of your prosthodontic possibilities. The replacement of a functional tooth is dependent on multiple factors. These conditions include your age and the risk of future loss due to bone density concerns. The root cause of the lost tooth needs to be addressed as well.

For these reasons, you should look toward the qualified dental health professionals at Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR. At your consultation, we will examine your mouth and help you decide on the best method of prosthodontic repair. Dental bridges are a tested means of bringing functionality back to your bite through effective dispersal of jaw stress. These utilize dual crowns on either side of a gap with a prosthetic replacement that hangs between them. Dental implants include the placement of a strong titanium post within the bone of the jaw. This process allows for an unparalleled connection that can keep your smile running well for years to come. Discover how a fitting choice in your prosthetic dentistry can help you! (more…)

Lasting Protection With A Same-Day Crown

By booking treatment to restore your tooth, you can make sure that you have the support you need for your bite health while also taking care of your appearance. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides protection for teeth affected by decay, physical trauma, and naturally occurring problems with same-day crowns. Our use of technology can produce results in less time than other practices require, as we have everything that we need to make and place a dental crown on site rather than ask a third party lab to produce one. Our services include alternative treatments, so we can personalize your care in ways that minimize changes to your tooth structure. After a review, we can find the right way to support you so that your appearance and well-being enjoy the right care. (more…)