When You Don’t Expect a Root Canal, But Need One

When you know you have tooth decay, and have known it for a while, it may be no surprise when you finally seek treatment and your dentist tells you that the tooth needs root canal treatment. However, not every root canal treatment is an expected need; in some cases, it can come as a complete surprise, which might make you hesitate to treat the tooth in question. Today, we take a look at few situations that might call for root canal treatment even though you least expect it, and why the treatment is vital to saving your tooth. (more…)

Need a Tooth Filling? We’ve Got Good News!

Cavities are so common that there’s a good chance you’ll need to treat one at some point in your life (if you haven’t already). The good news is that most cavities can be treated conservatively, with a custom tooth filling, as long as you seek treatment for it without hesitating. The even better news is that today’s modern tooth fillings aren’t what you might expect, especially if you’ve never had one placed before. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, we can place tooth-colored fillings that not only successfully treat your cavity, but also blend in naturally with your tooth to remain virtually undetectable. (more…)

Top Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Veneers

After deciding to improve your smile’s appearance, you still have a choice to make – which cosmetic dental treatment option is the best one to do it? That largely depends on the specific nature and extent of your concerns with your smile’s appearance. For instance, if your teeth are stained, then cosmetic teeth-whitening may be your best option. However, if you have more than one type of concern to address, then porcelain veneers may provide a much more effective, yet still minimally invasive solution. Made from highly lifelike, highly customized dental porcelain, veneers can completely transform the appearance of one or more of your teeth without requiring extensive treatment. (more…)

3 Reasons Bonding Might Be Your Tooth’s Best Option

Many people never hear of tooth bonding until they have an issue with their smile’s appearance that might warrant the treatment. Nevertheless, it’s one of the more beneficial options for improving a tooth’s appearance in a number of different situations. By using tooth-colored composite resin, which is a mixture of biocompatible acrylic and quartz-like particles, your dentist can create an effective, minimally invasive solution to improving a wide range of common tooth concerns. (more…)

Your Options when Teeth-Whitening Won’t Work

There are many different things that could potentially affect your smile’s healthy, attractive appearance, but teeth stains are the most common by far. Fortunately, the most common stains can often be erased with professional teeth-whitening, which gently but effectively breaks up them up and brightens your teeth’s structures. However, not all teeth stains are the same, and in some cases, the discoloration on one or more of your teeth might require a different solution. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, we can provide a number of different cosmetic solutions to conservatively improve your smile when teeth-whitening isn’t the answer. (more…)

Learn Why Your Tooth Hurts (and Treat It)

Dealing with a toothache is never fun, but for most us, it’s necessary at some point in our lives. In many cases, it may just be a relatively minor issue, such as sensitivity from biting down on something too hard. In many other cases, however, toothaches are consistent because they’re caused by something more serious. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, we can help you find lasting relief from your toothache, whether minor or severe, by diagnosing what’s causing it and finding the right treatment for it. (more…)

Tips to Caring for Your Dental Implants

There are many reasons why it’s important to mimic your healthy tooth structure as closely as possible when designing your tooth replacement option. For example, the more realistic your restoration looks, the greater its value will be to your smile’s overall appearance. The more accurately it conforms to your healthy teeth’s shape and contours, the better it can restore your bite’s balance and ability to function properly. With dental implants, your replacement teeth can even mimic the roots that support your healthy, natural ones, offering several important benefits for your oral health. Among those are the ease with which you can care for your dental implant restoration, thanks to its ability to rest securely without the need for additional supportive structures. (more…)

A Likely Reason Behind Your Chronic Jaw Pain

Unless you’ve dealt with jaw pain before, you might not ever think about it. Unlike toothaches, an aching jaw isn’t a symptom of the most common dental issues, like tooth decay or gum disease. Therefore, if you do develop chronic jaw pain, you might not automatically know what could be causing it, or how you can find relief from it. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, treating chronic jaw pain is part of the general dental care services we provide to patients of all ages. In many cases, the pain can be attributed to a problem with one or both of your jaw’s joints – a condition known as TMJ disorder. (more…)

Tips on How to Lower Your Risks of Tooth Loss

As often as it occurs, it’s understandable why many people think they’re bound to lose one or more teeth as they get older. However, in many cases, they aren’t; tooth loss is most often the result of a dental issues, like gum disease, that could have been prevented or treated before the tooth was lost. At our Redmond, OR, dental office, our focus is on helping you avoid losing a tooth and the things that could lead to it. That includes helping you understand your specific risks of tooth loss and how you can lower them by improving your oral health care. (more…)

When Your Gums Need Cleaning

Most people recognize that routine cleaning is an important part of good dental health care. That includes cleaning your teeth at home by brushing them at least twice every day, and flossing them at least once. It also includes professionally cleaning your teeth at our Redmond, OR, dental office at least twice a year to remove calcified plaque, or tartar, that you can’t clean away at home. However, for some patients, the need for cleaning is deeper than usual, such as when plaque and tartar are able to develop underneath their gums. (more…)