A Picture-Perfect Smile with Veneers

Do you love your smile? Here’s a quick way that you can tell: If you feel confident talking and laughing in front of a group of people, you probably feel good about your teeth. However, if the idea of showing off your smile makes you feel self-conscious and anxious, maybe you’d benefit from cosmetic dental treatment. Teeth are rarely perfect. Stains from food and drink, irregular shape and length, and naturally occuring gaps all contribute to problems with your smile. Teeth go through so much wear and tear on a daily basis, that of course they’re going to need a little help to look their best. Luckily, treatment options like porcelain veneers can get your smile back to its picture-perfect state. (more…)

Time for Your Child’s Dentist Appointment

February marks a transitional time between winter and spring. As the first sights of green make their way to landscapes across the country, it’s the perfect time to adopt new habits. One such habit is taking your child in for regular dental checkups and cleanings! If your child’s first tooth has erupted, it’s time for them to see a professional — and there’s no better month to start. February is National Children’s Dental Health month. You’ll feel better about the future oral health of your child when you know they’re in good hands. If it’s time for your child’s dentist appointment, here are some things you can look forward to. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Root Canals

The root canal has achieved infamy over the years as a time-intensive and painful dental treatment reserved for serious oral health problems. However, is that really what root canals are all about? Modern dental practices have actually made many procedures, easier, more efficient, and significantly less painful than they were before. The root canal is just such a treatment. Obviously, as with any significant dental procedure, you’d prefer to avoid it if possible through regular checkups and a diligent cleaning schedule. However, if you do need a root canal, it’s best to be informed. Here’s what you need to know about root canals. (more…)

How Does Your Child Feel About the Dentist?

As an adult, you may have a complicated relationship with the dentist. You may have had a bad experience when you were younger and now you fret about visits to the dentist. If you neglect regular cleanings and checkups, you can build up anxiety about your next trip. If you fear something is going to be wrong, it can prevent you from making an appointment. However, this will only cause any existing problems to get worse! Decay doesn’t get better over time. You don’t want your child to develop the same problems. Getting your child acclimated and feeling comfortable with dentist visits from an early age can help them build good habits for later in life. (more…)

Battling Back Against Bruxism

Everyone has habits. Some habits you notice and some you don’t even think about. Some habits are harmful, and some can spiral out of control. Habits will always be there, but it’s best if you’re at least aware of what they are. Grinding your teeth can be a habit you adopt during the day. It can also be an involuntary movement disorder that takes over at night. Known medically as “Bruxism,” teeth clenching and grinding at night is particularly difficult because you may not even know you have this condition until the symptoms start to show. Bruxism can lead to pain, sensitivity, soreness, and weakened tooth enamel, so battling back against this condition is a must. (more…)

Are Teeth Stains Holding You Back?

No one likes to feel embarassed of their teeth. Your pearly whites are your introduction to the world. They’re one of the first things someone notices about you when you make a new acquaintance. You don’t have to be a professional actor or model in order for your smile to be important. So what do you do when your teeth aren’t so pearly or white? If you’ve got stains holding your teeth back, it may be time for some cosmetic treatment. You may have heard about teeth whitening before, but have you explored this option? More importantly, have you tried teeth whitening treatment from a professional? (more…)

Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

Losing a tooth as an adult can be a traumatic experience. The tough part is, losing the tooth itself is only the beginning of the process. When you suffer tooth loss, you’re bound to go through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Losing mature teeth can cause anxiety, embarrassment, and a decrease in confidence. Gaps in your smile make you less likely to show off your pearly whites. Everyone deserves to feel good about their teeth. Thanks to treatment options like dental implants, tooth loss doesn’t have to be a lifelong problem. You can recover your teeth, smile, and confidence with restorative dentistry. If you’re unfamiliar with dental implants, t’s time to learn about this incredible option. (more…)

How Much Would a Dental Bridge Help You?

It’s difficult to calculate the cost of a missing tooth — not from a monetary standpoint, but when it comes to the toll it takes on your life. A missing tooth can cause a loss of confidence. If you don’t like the way your smile looks, you’re less likely to show it off. A missing tooth can also cause problems when it comes to eating. If chewing foods becomes a battle, you won’t get the same satisfaction out of your favorite dish. A missing tooth can also cause future oral health problems like decay and misalignment. All that to say, tooth loss is costly, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. If you’ve suffered tooth loss, its time to learn how much a dental bridge would help you. (more…)

Regular Cleanings Deter Cavities

No one wants their teeth to fall into disarray. When it comes to oral health issues, they only get worse when they’re left to compound. When your teeth start to experience decay, it can lead to erosion, gum disease, and even tooth loss. All of these problems usually originate as a cavity. A cavity is a hole that forms in your tooth from the presence of bacteria. When plaque is left uncleaned on the surface of your tooth, the bacteria continuously produce acid that slowly wears down the enamel of your tooth. Once the bacteria get inside your tooth, the damage compounds and gets worse. The best way to preserve your oral health is to stop bacteria before they even form these holes. Regular cleanings can deter cavities. (more…)

Could Your Smile Use Bonding and Contouring?

When you’re unhappy with your smile, it can make even simple interactions and events uncomfortable. If you don’t feel confident showing off your teeth, you’re less likely to smile and assert yourself. That’s why it’s important to take care of cosmetic dental issues when they come up. Maybe you have a chipped or missing tooth, or maybe there’s a pesky gap between two of your teeth that you can’t help but notice. Your smile could benefit from bonding and contouring. These cosmetic options are conservative, and not at all invasive. However, their effects can be enormous when it comes to your confidence and comfort. (more…)