How Tooth Bonding Services Address Unsightly Dental Flaws

Even if they only affect your appearance, not your oral health, a problem with the shape, size, or color of your tooth can be a big deal to you. After all, a “small” issue can draw unwanted attention, and it can make your smile asymmetrical. What you may not realize is that conservative cosmetic dental work can lead to lasting improvements that raise your confidence in the way you look. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office can talk with you about the benefits of tooth bonding and contouring. These procedures allow us to carefully change the shape, size, and color of teeth without the need to change them with permanent restorations. (more…)

Are You Staying Protected Against Tartar Accumulation?

How much can you really do to fight tartar formation on your own? With your oral hygiene routine, you are certainly able to protect yourself against the initial buildup of tartar deposits. However, formations that develop will remain in place, leaving you vulnerable to issues with dental decay as well as gum disease. What can you do about these deposits? At your regular dental exams, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. This process goes beyond what you do for yourself while brushing and flossing, as it is able to remove tartar deposits that are present. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is prepared to help patients maintain healthy teeth by providing important preventive services at every exam. When necessary, we can also provide restorative dental services to address issues that may be putting your smile in jeopardy! (more…)

Make Sure You Watch For Early Signs Of Gum Disease

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine protects you against gum disease as well as cavities. While the consistency of your routine matters, you also benefit from watching your smile for any early signs of trouble. Gingivitis may not be painful, but it can cause symptoms that you can recognize. Acknowledging that an infection is present allows you to seek treatment from your dentist, and to modify your routine to make sure that your periodontal health is being better preserved. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office checks patients for signs of poor periodontal health during every routine dental checkup. (more…)

Treating Tooth Decay Without Causing Cosmetic Changes

If you have to arrange treatment for tooth decay, will you have to accept that your smile is going to change? Many people worry that a dental filling or dental crown in the wrong space will negatively affect the way they look. What you should know is that our practice is able to provide restorations that actually imitate healthy tooth structure. As a result, you can have a tooth treated for decay without seeing its appearance change! Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office relies on dental fillings and dental crowns that imitate enamel while providing long-term protection for teeth. Because we use CEREC technology to produce same day crowns, we can actually have your work done in less time, too, even if you are dealing with an advanced cavity. (more…)

Is There Something Your Dentist Can Do To Address Jaw Pain?

Putting up with jaw pain can be difficult for several reasons. In addition to causing discomfort throughout the day, your pain can make biting and speaking motions difficult. What you may not realize is that jaw pain can actually be connected to other aches and pains that you wish to address. If your discomfort is linked to TMJ disorder, it could be linked to problems with headaches, facial pain, and concerns about a stiff or sore neck. Unresolved jaw trouble can also lead to a habit of teeth grinding, which can damage teeth. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, patients who experience problems with TMJ disorder can make an appointment to discuss treatment. We can also talk about problems with jaw pain or stiffness during a routine dental checkup. (more…)

We Can Find A Way To Brighten Your Discolored Smile

If your teeth gradually grow discolored because of stains, it can be hard to hold onto your confidence in your smile. Even with good preventive dental habits in place, you may notice that your teeth are losing their whiteness. Your Redmond, OR dentist’s office is able to deal with discoloration by offering a professional teeth whitening treatment. Whitening treatment provided by your dentist can exceed the results offered by teeth whitening kits available at your local store or pharmacy. We can also provide important smile care to determine if your teeth are also experiencing health issues, or if discoloration has occurred because of something other than stains. (more…)

Bringing A Child In For Their First Dental Checkup

While kids may not be ready to brush their own teeth until they are six or seven, they are vulnerable to dental decay once their first teeth begin to arrive. Parents have a large role to play in protecting their small children against cavities, but they can count on support from their dentist. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can help introduce your child to the dentist’s office, and we can offer you guidance on protecting their teeth as they grow up. From their first appointment on, we can make sure that a child feels comfortable in our office, and we can also help them feel at ease with preventive dental care. (more…)

When Are Root Canal Treatments Recommended?

Even if they are unfamiliar with what the procedure involves, patients sometimes worry that they might learn they need a root canal procedure. If you have concerns around this procedure, you should know that the process of root canal therapy can be more comfortable than you realize. It also helps you by putting a stop to potentially serious issues with your oral health. After treatment, you can be free from ongoing tooth pain, and you can feel confident with your smile after the tooth has been restored with a lifelike dental crown. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals who need a root canal procedure in order to stop a potentially serious oral health issue. (more…)

Want To Stay Cavity-Free? Stay Consistent With Checkups

If you do a good job brushing and flossing your teeth every day, and make an effort to minimize your exposure to foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, you can control your cavity risk. While smart habits will have a big impact on your oral health, keep in mind that your routine dental exams also help if your goal is to remain free of decay. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides a thorough review of your oral health during regular visits, along with detailed cleanings that remove tartar as well as plaque from your smile. When these efforts are combined with good decisions between appointments, you can stay clear of problems that demand restorative dental work! (more…)

Scheduling The Placement And Restoration Of Your Implant

Through implant dentistry, patients who have lost teeth can recover more than just their confidence in their smile. Dental implants act the way the roots of teeth do to hold restorations in place. The degree of support provided makes it possible to bite and chew with your prosthetic, letting you regain comfort with your dental function. Implants also allow you to stimulate the jawbone in order to prevent deterioration. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is able to make the process of restoring a patient’s smile more convenient by performing both the placement and restoration of the dental implant at our practice.  (more…)