Cosmetic Work And Smile Symmetry

An uneven smile can look awkward and unattractive to others. Even if they have a hard time placing what feels “off” about the way you look, your asymmetrical look can hold you back from feeling truly confident in your appearance. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is ready to help you deal with this issue. By providing cosmetic treatment options, we can help you resolve problems with tooth shape and size that might make you self-conscious. You may find that the path to a more attractive appearance takes less time, and fewer changes, than you think possible! (more…)

How Root Canal Therapy Stops A Toothache

Your toothache can grind your day to a halt. It can give you pause before you try to eat and drink. It can also make you understandably concerned about your oral health. Your Redmond, OR dentist can provide feedback about your tooth’s condition so that you can determine what treatment is required. If a persistent or severe tooth pain is affecting you, it can be necessary to perform root canal therapy. This procedure can resolve problems with an infection, and keep the issue from growing gradually worse. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can perform this procedure before putting a dental crown in place to protect your tooth at the end of your treatment. (more…)

What To Expect From TMJ Therapy

You can start to suspect that something is wrong with your oral health when biting and chewing become painful. However, you may be less clear on what is happening if the discomfort is more general, meaning it is not connected to problems with a specific tooth. Can you still bring up discomfort to your Redmond, OR dentist if you have more generalized discomfort in your face and jaw? This kind of discomfort points to concerns about TMJ disorder, something that we are prepared to take on for you. With the right treatment approach, we can ease discomfort by reducing tension on your joints and muscles. This can reduce pain as well as improve your dental function! (more…)

Fully Recovering From Cavity Troubles

If you have a cavity, you have permanent dental damage that needs to be treated. That damage will actually worsen over time as decay goes untreated, which can eventually grow serious enough to cause an infection. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, patients who develop cavities can count on our support when they need restorative dental work. Through the right procedure, we can completely remove infected tissues before we place a custom dental restoration to provide long-term protection. The good news is that in addition to providing structural support and a defense against future infections, the filling or crown that you receive can restore the appearance of your tooth by imitating healthy enamel. (more…)

Receiving A Crown In Just One Appointment

A dental crown can be prepared for you in less time than you might think possible when you come to our Redmond, OR dentist’s office for support. Our practice shortens treatment times for patients by using crowns that are produced with CEREC technology. This technology lets us take on every step of designing and creating the crown in-house, which cuts down on time and removes the need to rely on a third party lab for your custom restoration. We should note that our office is also here to help you when you have no oral health issues to worry over – by scheduling preventive exams, you lower your risk for problems that are serious enough to require dental crowns. (more…)

What You Can Do About Teeth Stains

How will you regain confidence in your smile after teeth stains make you look older and less healthy? You may have already tried to fight discoloration with a product you purchased at your local grocery store or pharmacy. The results of your efforts may have left you less than thrilled – while these products can help remove surface stains, they can fail to address deeper discoloration. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can offer a more effective alternative treatment. With a professional whitening treatment, we can help you make noticeable changes to the color of your enamel. We can also offer alternative treatments for those patients who need to address something other than teeth stains to improve the color of their smile. (more…)

Dental Cleanings Help Keep Gums Healthy

When you brush and floss your teeth, you are protecting yourself against the formation of cavities. You also protect your gums when you perform these habits. By effectively cleaning the areas where your teeth meet your gum line, you remove bacteria that can cause gingivitis, which can worsen to cause more serious issues with gum disease over time. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can provide important additional protection against dental and periodontal problems. During your regular exams, we check for evidence of gingivitis as well as for problems with your teeth. When an infection is observed, we can recommend that you undergo a focused periodontal cleaning to remove the harmful bacteria responsible. (more…)

Is Cosmetic Treatment Right For Me?

It may not be necessary for you to schedule restorative dental work, but that does not mean there is no procedure out there that might be of interest to you. For some patients, cosmetic treatment can be an appealing option. The right service can make you feel more comfortable when smiling and speaking, as your teeth can look whiter, healthier, and more uniform, leading to a welcome confidence boost. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides many different cosmetic services for patients with an interest in changing how they look! We can help you understand your treatment options, and we can also identify areas of concern that may make restorative services necessary. (more…)

Do You Clench Your Jaw While You Sleep?

Regular restful sleep can help you preserve your mental and physical health in important ways. Unfortunately, there are different issues that can stop you from gaining the most benefits from rest. One issue to worry about is bruxism, a tendency to clench your jaw, particularly when you are asleep. Nightly grinding and clenching can wear down your enamel and tax your jaw joints and muscles. This can lead to persistent pain, and it can also create difficulties with enamel damage. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can talk to you about protecting yourself with a custom appliance. We can also discuss treatment to restore teeth already damaged by wear and tear. (more…)

When Your Cavity Calls For A Root Canal

In order to properly treat your tooth when you have a cavity, your Redmond, OR dentist may need to provide root canal therapy. Why is this necessary during some procedures and not all of them? A root canal removes bacteria and damaged tissues from within your tooth structure. You can avoid these internal problems when you schedule timely treatment for decay. One way to prevent complications that call for more involved restorative work is to attend regular dental checkups. These appointments can reveal problems before complications start to occur. (more…)