Set Dental Goals For The Whole Family

Family Redmond ORWhen raising a child, instilling proper health values for the family is one of your key responsibilities. As a parent, you have someone who relies upon you to give them the proper tools in which they need to thrive in all areas of their life. Health is so important and their habits begin young, particularly in the maintenance of oral wellness.

This is why it can be helpful to schedule your routine cleanings and examinations at the same time as your child’s checkups. At Coppertop Dental in Redmond, OR, we can help you build positive habits at home through consistent smile maintenance. Both you and your kid should be in the dental chair at least twice a year, so January is a fantastic time for an appointment. Keep your smile strong and help your little one to have as many advantages as possible in living a full and complete life. (more…)

A Lasting Attractive Tooth Replacement

Office Redmond ORIf you are looking toward an extraction procedure in order to keep your mouth safe, it is important that you explore all of your prosthodontic possibilities. The replacement of a functional tooth is dependent on multiple factors. These conditions include your age and the risk of future loss due to bone density concerns. The root cause of the lost tooth needs to be addressed as well.

For these reasons, you should look toward the qualified dental health professionals at Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR. At your consultation, we will examine your mouth and help you decide on the best method of prosthodontic repair. Dental bridges are a tested means of bringing functionality back to your bite through effective dispersal of jaw stress. These utilize dual crowns on either side of a gap with a prosthetic replacement that hangs between them. Dental implants include the placement of a strong titanium post within the bone of the jaw. This process allows for an unparalleled connection that can keep your smile running well for years to come. Discover how a fitting choice in your prosthetic dentistry can help you! (more…)

Lasting Protection With A Same-Day Crown

By booking treatment to restore your tooth, you can make sure that you have the support you need for your bite health while also taking care of your appearance. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides protection for teeth affected by decay, physical trauma, and naturally occurring problems with same-day crowns. Our use of technology can produce results in less time than other practices require, as we have everything that we need to make and place a dental crown on site rather than ask a third party lab to produce one. Our services include alternative treatments, so we can personalize your care in ways that minimize changes to your tooth structure. After a review, we can find the right way to support you so that your appearance and well-being enjoy the right care. (more…)

Correct Poor Teeth Spacing With Aligners

A better smile can give you more confidence. When your improvements help you with your oral health as well as your appearance, you can enjoy a wide range of positive results. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can provide solutions with different services, including services that focus on correcting poor teeth spacing. With SureSmile® clear aligners, we can guide teeth into their appropriate positions so that gaps, overlaps, and general issues with asymmetry no longer concern you. In addition to making you less conspicuous during treatment, you can feel comfortable with your daily routine because your aligners can be removed whenever they are in your way. (more…)

Protection Through Ultrasonic Scaling

There are important actions taken during general dental exams to protect your teeth and gums from harm. At a regular appointment, the care put into cleaning your smile will help you avoid difficulties like gingivitis and dental decay. At some of these visits, a more involved procedure can be recommended. Through ultrasonic scaling, our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is able to fight the microbes that have gathered on your roots. Removing them will help you recover from an active problem with gingivitis so that an infection does not worsen. Remember that gaps in your routine visits can lead to complications, including complications with your periodontal health that have a lasting impact on your well-being. (more…)

How Bonding Work Targets Your Smile Flaws

How much work will it ultimately take to give you your ideal smile? It may be hard to move forward with a service if you worry about how involved your treatment might be, as it can feel as though you have to commit to more involved work than you wish to see your results. As you look into different forms of cosmetic dentistry, you can find that this is not the case, as conservative care is available. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, you can find that a tooth bonding and contouring procedure is all that it takes to effectively take on problems like dental damage, misshapen teeth, problems with discoloration, and other concerns. These services can fit into the same appointment—depending on how many teeth you wish to restore, you can see the results you want in as little as one visit! (more…)

What Can I Do To Secure Smile-Friendly Cavity Care?

Once you have a cavity, you will need to undergo dental treatment to restore your tooth’s health. That means more than just having decayed tissues removed, as you will need to do something about the permanent harm done to your enamel. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office is prepared to help you resolve problems with decay while still prioritizing the preservation of your smile. We can offer appearance-friendly care by using dental crowns and dental fillings that actually match your tooth structure, which means they will be difficult for others to see. On top of providing this cosmetic support, they can provide a degree of functional protection that will also preserve your bite health. (more…)

Beginning Treatment To Make Teeth Whiter

Is there something that you can do to make your smile several shades brighter? If you have concerns about discoloration, the impact of a store bought whitening treatment can leave you feeling let down. Fortunately, this is not the only option that is open to you, as your Redmond, OR dentist can also help! Our practice can provide a teeth whitening kit that you can use in the comfort of your home while still seeing advanced results. This is because the kits prepared for our patients include agents that can remove stains that have proven difficult to remove. (more…)

Successful Treatment With A Same-Day Crown

If you choose a more convenient treatment for your oral health, will you have to sacrifice durability or your smile? CEREC technology makes it possible for your dentist to produce a lifelike crown on-site, which means that it is ready in just a single appointment. Our Redmond, OR dentist relies on this technology to make restorations that we can produce in just one visit, so we can complete care for a cavity or injury in less time than other practices require. You can still enjoy the security of a permanent crown, and you can rely on yours to provide protection while preserving your appearance. (more…)

When Bruxism Becomes A Nightly Issue

A night spent grinding and clenching your teeth is a night spent creating problems for your jaw and dental enamel. Unfortunately, a person who has difficulties with bruxism can continue to experience this issue, which can lead to chronic pain from TMJ disorder as well as harm to your tooth structure! The good news is that you can enjoy reliable protection while you rest when you start using a custom oral guard. Your Redmond, OR dentist can provide you with a guard if signs of bruxism are identified at a checkup, or if you book an appointment to discuss worries over nightly grinding and clenching. If there are already damages to your tooth structure to deal with, we can talk with you about what the right dental work can do for your appearance and health. (more…)