Your Smile: Put Your Phone To Good Use!

When you’ve got a million things happening in your life every single day, keeping track of your dental care can feel like just one more chore. Good news: You can make everything much easier by remembering to make good use of that accessory you seem to have on hand at every second. It’s your phone! Take in some helpful suggestions to make your life easier.


Brushing Your Tongue: 3 Essential Details!

Do you brush your tongue as one portion of the daily dental hygiene that you practice? Or, is the fact that you might need to brush news to you? For starters, we can say for certain that you should brush your tongue! It’s not just a rumor. In regard to why you should do it and what you should be doing, we would be more than pleased to provide you with a quick explanation. For further details, feel free to ask questions (and to ask for a demonstration) during your next checkup and cleaning.


Replacing Missing Teeth: Why And How?

You might find yourself in a bit of a tug of war when it comes to replacing your missing tooth or teeth. Is tooth loss really something you should worry about, you wonder? Does it matter if you are missing one or multiple teeth? Can you get by for a few years without addressing the issue or, perhaps, for the rest of your life? If you do decide you’re interested in replacements, how would you go about approaching this journey? We know. It can be confusing. However, we can lay out the details for you, so you know why it’s so important and just what to do!


Toothpaste Questions You Want Answered!

If you’ve got toothpaste questions, we’ve got answers that will assist you with your dental hygiene. When you aren’t sure about which type of paste you should be using, how much, and other questions that might seem simple, you’re actually missing essential knowledge that can make or break your brushing session! Let’s make sure you’ve got the basics covered (and always keep in mind that we are happy to answer anything at all during your visits).


Protect Your Teeth With A Bedtime Routine

Protect Your Teeth With A Bedtime RoutineMost major dental complications and issues can be prevented. There are two major keys to prevention: regular visits to your dentist and good oral hygiene. Visits to your dentist every six months can allow for professional cleanings and it will allow your dentist time to catch any potential issues before they progress into something more serious. Good oral hygiene includes both brushing and flossing at least twice every day. In the morning, you brush and floss to start your day off clean and fresh. At night, you are cleaning off the food, drink, and bacteria from the day.  (more…)

Veneers: Your Quick Intro To The Essentials

If you’re someone who has just begun your journey toward getting to know cosmetic dental care options for a better looking smile, you might not have a lot of information about porcelain veneers. To get down to the important details that you’re curious about, we invite you to check out our quick rundown we have provided for you. If you like what you learn, it may be time to come in for a consultation to see if they’re just right for your grin.


Putting An End To Tooth Decay With Restorative Dental Care

When a cavity forms, it takes professional dental care to put a stop to it. Sure, you can take care of your teeth, and limit the development of minor tooth decay into a cavity. Unfortunately, once a cavity forms, your dentist needs to provide you with restorative dental care – it will not heal or improve on its own. Different treatments are called for when it comes to cavity care. This is due to the way ongoing decay causes worsening damage. For example, if too much of your tooth needs to be removed, a filling will not be able to provide proper restoration. Your dentist will base your treatment on current state of your cavity. (more…)

Use These Tips To Improve Your Brushing

Your teeth are a bit of an unsung hero for your body. They chew your food so you can digest it and stay energized, they help maintain your facial structure, and they let you express yourself with a nice big smile. You owe it to your teeth to give them the best care possible. Doing that starts with the daily act of brushing your teeth. Are you brushing your teeth right? There may be room to improve your brushing. Thankfully, these tips can help you get the most out of your toothbrush. (more…)

Dental Contouring: Get To Know This Smile Solution!

Do you know what to make of dental contouring? If you’ve already learned about dental bonding, which is the cosmetic treatment used to help your teeth look like they have additional tissue, then think of contouring as bonding’s best friend. Instead of adding tissue, we will take some away to reshape teeth so they look better (and so your whole smile is a much prettier looking feature). Find out more!


Dental Bonding: All The Essentials You Should Know

What you may already know is that dental bonding can help you with your smile if you’re not too crazy about the way it looks these days. While it cannot address everything, it does provide improvement in a very specific way. Not sure you know what that is (Hint: It adds artificial dental tissue), you have a hard time keeping the benefits separate from contouring, but you’re just trying to figure out which cosmetic option is going to help the most? Not a problem. We’d love to fill you in on the details!