Restoring a Tooth Has Never Been Easier

Tooth decay can wreak havoc on your mouth if you leave it unchecked. Bacteria build up over time and produce acid that wears away at your enamel. When this decay becomes severe, you may need more than just a simple dental filling to correct the problem. In order to restore the function and appearance of your vulnerable tooth, you may need a dental crown. A crown works like a sort of helmet or shield for your tooth. The crown is custom-made to fit over the damaged tooth and prevent future decay, as well as physical damage that could harm a structurally weakened tooth. Now, thanks to advancements in dental technology, it has never been easier to receive this kind of tooth restoration. (more…)

Fight Surface Stains with Teeth Whitening

Are you one of those people who plans meticulously? Do you account for every detail and take every step possible to ensure success? If you find that sort of approach familiar, you know how tough it can be when something ruins all of your hard work. Sometimes, despite your best preventive efforts, a problem will still arise. That’s absolutely true of your teeth. Despite regular cleaning and care, you can still develop surface-level stains that hamper your smile. These are known as extrinsic stains. Even if you keep your enamel clean, the foods you eat can still cause stains to form over time. You don’t want to have to live a life where you selectively enjoy foods based on whether or not they will harm your tooth enamel. Luckily, professional teeth whitening can help fight surface stains. (more…)

Tooth Loss Requires a Stable Solution

An event like adult tooth loss can cause turbulence in your life. You may feel as though your life will never be the same after you suffer from a condition like this. When you feel vulnerable, you need a stable solution to set you right. You have many options for dental restorations in the event of tooth loss. However, the most stable and durable solution for missing teeth is the implementation of dental implants. Dental implants not only replace the look and feel of your original teeth, but they strengthen your jaw and the surrounding area. Tooth loss can be frightening, but dental implants will help you get back to normal. (more…)

Try Bonding and Contouring for a Better Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field of dentistry that seeks to give you a smile that you absolutely love. Let’s face it, even if you had braces as a child, you may not feel great about your smile. Perhaps it’s a matter of one tooth that stands out because of an irregular shape, or because of some noticeable ridges. One imperfection in your smile can create a level of self-consciousness that holds you back in social settings. You deserve to absolutely adore your smile. That’s where bonding and contouring comes into play. This dynamic duo is a conservative approach to smile improvement. In just one visit, your dentist can clean up small irregularities in your teeth and help you feel good about showing off your pearly whites. (more…)

Let’s Talk Dental Fillings

If you’re one of those perfect people — the type that has had a life plan since the 5th grade that has worked out exactly as you wanted — then maybe you’re on top of everything. For most people though, there are little imperfections. In fact, it’s those little imperfections that make life so entertaining. What isn’t entertaining, however, is tooth decay. Throughout the course of your life, you may fall behind on your home care, or visits to the dentist. When that happens, you’re at a greater risk for developing cavities. If you get through life having encountered no dental health issues, congratulations! More likely, you’ll end up with a cavity or two along the way. When you do, it’s important to have it treated right away, so let’s talk dental fillings. (more…)

Dentures Revive Your Smile

In your happiest moments, you probably spend your time smiling and laughing. When you’re confident in your smile, you’re more likely to share it with others. It’s not uncommon for adults to suffer complete tooth loss by the age of 60. However, there’s still so much to love about life. This is where a dental prosthetic, like dentures, can help. Dentures — partial or full — can revive your smile and return that vibrant, youthful look. Dentures are a great option for replacing the entirety of your teeth, but partial dentures can also be used to replace missing teeth throughout your mouth. If you’ve been living with tooth loss, it’s time to restore your missing teeth. (more…)

The Ins and Outs of Ultrasonic Scaling

Even the term “ultrasonic” can conjure images of futuristic technology and science fiction aesthetic. However, ultrasonic technology is more prevalent and applicable for you than you may even realize. In fact, it’s sitting there in your dentist’s office. Ultrasonic technology has been applied to the scaling process to make it easier, more comfortable, and more precise. If you’re unfamiliar with scaling, it’s a valuable dental procedure that cleans around the roots of your teeth. If you don’t maintain a strong care routine for your mouth, bacteria and biofilm may develop on your teeth and sink beneath your gum line. Once it’s down there, the bacteria is basically impossible for you to reach on your own. That’s when you need the help of ultrasonic scaling. (more…)

Restorative Dentistry Fit for a King

Do you have teeth that are 100% healthy in every possible way? Then why are you pursuing dental blogs? For most people, perfect oral health is a goal, but it can be a long road. Your teeth take wear and decay over time, and it takes consistent effort to keep them safe from bacteria. Along the way, you may need a restorative treatment to help get your teeth back to their best. Dental crowns are restorative dentistry options fit for a king. Crowns can be fabricated to fit atop existing damaged teeth and protect them from future wear. They act as an effective restoration for vulnerable teeth that need a little help. (more…)

Is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

Losing your teeth was a celebrated milestone as a kid. You may have even received a small reward for parting with each baby tooth. However, as an adult, you know that you want to keep your teeth for life. Losing a tooth can be a tough, traumatic experience that you seek to avoid at all costs. Keeping your healthy adult teeth is ideal, but sometimes, a tooth can’t be salvaged. Sometimes, tooth extraction is the best option. The good news is, your dentist can help you through this experience while minimizing pain and overhead. Your dentist can also provide a contemporary tooth replacement option that works for you. (more…)

A Picture-Perfect Smile with Veneers

Do you love your smile? Here’s a quick way that you can tell: If you feel confident talking and laughing in front of a group of people, you probably feel good about your teeth. However, if the idea of showing off your smile makes you feel self-conscious and anxious, maybe you’d benefit from cosmetic dental treatment. Teeth are rarely perfect. Stains from food and drink, irregular shape and length, and naturally occuring gaps all contribute to problems with your smile. Teeth go through so much wear and tear on a daily basis, that of course they’re going to need a little help to look their best. Luckily, treatment options like porcelain veneers can get your smile back to its picture-perfect state. (more…)