Full Dentures

Full Fixed/Removable Dentures

When you think of dentures, you might automatically envision an entire row of replacement teeth sitting on a plastic, gum-colored base. While this is one of the oldest forms of prosthetic dentures, today’s options come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as partial dentures. Nevertheless, full dentures remain a significant part of prosthetic dentistry. With a large percentage of people experiencing complete tooth loss by the age of 60, full dentures offer a way to enjoy the full function, beauty, and confidence of a youthful smile once again. Though full dentures are typically removable, Dr. Campbell often suggests fixed dentures attached to a series of dental implant posts.

When to Schedule an Appointment

To determine if you would benefit from implant-supported full dentures, Dr. Campbell will begin with a thorough examination, including taking digital X-rays to gauge the health and density of your jawbone. The support of dental implant posts emulate the support of healthy dental roots, and they can help you preserve the strong, youthful appearance of your smile long after you’ve lost all of your teeth.

If you maintain a steady schedule of checkups and cleanings, and receive dental treatment whenever your dentist recommends, then you have a good chance of avoiding complete tooth loss and the need for dentures.