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Lasting Protection With A Same-Day Crown

By booking treatment to restore your tooth, you can make sure that you have the support you need for your bite health while also taking care of your appearance. Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office provides protection for teeth affected by decay, physical trauma, and naturally occurring problems with same-day crowns. Our use of technology can… Read more »

Can A Same-Day Crown Restore My Tooth?

If there is a problem with your tooth that is serious enough to require restorative dental work, you may worry about how a procedure will ultimately affect you. Will the treatment you undergo change your smile? Is a restoration going to interfere with your ability to bite and chew in a manner that feels natural?… Read more »

Making Cavity Treatment More Convenient

If your tooth is affected by a cavity, it will not heal by itself; in fact, the damage will only worsen until professional treatment is provided. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we are ready to address both the growth of decay and the impact on your tooth structure through the appropriate restorative dental procedure…. Read more »

Same-Day Crowns And The Patient Experience

Your comfort during routine dental care is important, but it is not the only time you should trust that your dentist wants to provide you with a positive experience. During restorative treatments that address active problems with your dental well-being, our Redmond, OR dental practice can work to make you feel comfortable with care and… Read more »

Providing Same-Day Crowns For Patients

If you need to undergo treatment because of tooth decay or an injury, it is important that you receive the right restoration. A dental filling is a conservative treatment option that only covers an area where a cavity formed, which means the surrounding structure is left alone. However, if you have a more serious problem… Read more »

Your Lifelike Crown Can Be Placed After One Visit!

A serious problem with your tooth should not be ignored. By scheduling treatment, you can find that the right approach to care makes it possible to preserve your smile and dental function with a crown that is ready in just one visit! Our Redmond, OR dentist’s office uses CEREC technology to make treatment for our… Read more »

Receiving A Crown In Just One Appointment

A dental crown can be prepared for you in less time than you might think possible when you come to our Redmond, OR dentist’s office for support. Our practice shortens treatment times for patients by using crowns that are produced with CEREC technology. This technology lets us take on every step of designing and creating… Read more »

Reviewing The Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Crowns

When your tooth is injured, or when you have a cavity that cannot be treated with a dental filling, the idea of waiting for treatment can be difficult. Other dental offices ask their patients to wait to complete treatment with dental crowns because their crowns are produced by third party labs. At our Redmond, OR… Read more »

How Same-Day Crowns Make Restorative Work More Convenient

What can you ask of your dentist when you need to arrange restorative dental treatment? Can you expect treatment to preserve your smile, or will you have a conspicuous filling or crown intrude on your appearance? How much work will it take to keep a tooth safe? At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we can… Read more »

2 Ways a Same-Day Crown Improves Your Treatment

The point of using advanced technology in the course of your dental care and treatment is to help improve the results of your treatment as well as the impact it has on your oral health. For example, digital X-rays produce clearer, crisper images of your teeth and oral structures, and also help you save time… Read more »