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How Routine Dental Services Help Kids

Your child’s teeth are vulnerable to cavities long before they are old enough to brush and floss for themselves. You can provide important protection for them on a daily basis, and you can continue to support their dental hygiene by encouraging them to keep up with good habits when they do start to care for… Read more »

Bringing A Child In For Their First Dental Checkup

While kids may not be ready to brush their own teeth until they are six or seven, they are vulnerable to dental decay once their first teeth begin to arrive. Parents have a large role to play in protecting their small children against cavities, but they can count on support from their dentist. At our… Read more »

Protecting Your Child’s Smile From Cavities

Now that summer break is here for many kids, your little ones will be lounging around more and could be more likely to develop cavities. After all, they have more time than ever to enjoy sugary sweets and could become a little lax in their oral health routines. In today’s blog, your Redmond, OR, dentist… Read more »

What Happens In A Child’s Checkup?

Your Redmond, OR, dentist recommends a routine visit for a checkup and cleaning every six months, for kids as well as adults! But what happens in a child’s checkup, and why are they so vital for children as young as age one? In today’s blog, we’re talking about how we help kids enjoy better oral… Read more »

Does My Child Need A Dental Sealant?

For some kids, there is often a high risk of developing tooth decay. This could be linked to difficulty reaching their back teeth when they brush and floss. To help kids enjoy a reduced risk of cavities, your Redmond, OR, dentist may suggest dental sealants. How does a dental sealant help kids, and when should… Read more »

Helping Kids Stay Cavity-Free!

Without routine care both at home and in the dentist’s office, kids could develop dental cavities and other oral health concerns, all of which could mean discomfort and even the premature loss of their baby teeth! To avoid these complications and ensure better oral health, your Redmond, OR, dentist suggests preventive treatments and improved oral… Read more »

How Does Your Child Feel About the Dentist?

As an adult, you may have a complicated relationship with the dentist. You may have had a bad experience when you were younger and now you fret about visits to the dentist. If you neglect regular cleanings and checkups, you can build up anxiety about your next trip. If you fear something is going to… Read more »

Halloween: A Reminder to Check Your Child’s Teeth

Halloween can remind you of many things: the changing of the seasons, or the youthful exuberance you once had for dressing up to chase candy. If your child goes trick-or-treating and comes back with quite the haul, Halloween can be a reminder of something else. It’s important to check your child’s teeth during this season… Read more »

Dental Health Habits Start from a Young Age

You no doubt have some habits you’ve picked up over time. Some of them are probably helpful, and others are things you do without even thinking. Everyone has habits, and many of them can be built from a young age. So if you’ve got little ones in the family, it’s important to take notice of… Read more »