When Bruxism Becomes A Nightly Issue

A night spent grinding and clenching your teeth is a night spent creating problems for your jaw and dental enamel. Unfortunately, a person who has difficulties with bruxism can continue to experience this issue, which can lead to chronic pain from TMJ disorder as well as harm to your tooth structure! The good news is that you can enjoy reliable protection while you rest when you start using a custom oral guard. Your Redmond, OR dentist can provide you with a guard if signs of bruxism are identified at a checkup, or if you book an appointment to discuss worries over nightly grinding and clenching. If there are already damages to your tooth structure to deal with, we can talk with you about what the right dental work can do for your appearance and health.

Has A Tendency To Grind Your Teeth At Night Become A Problem For You?

The tendency to grind and clench your teeth each night, a problem known as bruxism, can have serious consequences. You are putting pressure on your jaw joints and muscles when you do this during the night, and that can lead to difficulties with TMJ disorder. You can also cause permanent harm to your enamel, which can become serious enough to require restorative dental work!

Using An Oral Guard For Protection While You Rest

To protect you against further wear and tear, our practice can supply you with a custom oral guard to wear throughout the night. Wearing it protects you by keeping your teeth apart and preventing harm to your enamel. By keeping your jaw in place and preventing pressure on your joints and muscles, you can also avoid problems with TMJ disorder.

What Can You Do About Teeth That Already Appear Damaged?

Unfortunately, there are times when patients only seek help after they have done damage to their teeth and require treatment. An evaluation can determine how much harm has been done and what kind of care should take place. For less severe damages, we can proceed with conservative cosmetic dental work. In doing so, we can take on worries about your appearance by capping worn teeth with veneers, or by performing tooth bonding and contouring services. If you need more than just work to improve your smile, we can talk to you about having crowns put in place on teeth that need better protection.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Your Issues With Bruxism

Those who struggle with nightly teeth grinding and clenching can count on Coppertop Family Dentistry for help! We are ready to address the problem itself as well as the harm that has affected your teeth. If you would like to discuss care for this or any other problem, please reach out to your Redmond, OR, dentist at 541-923-5927.