How Can I Improve The Color Of My Smile?

Are you starting to feel as though you are stuck with a smile that looks dull and discolored? It can be difficult to remove the teeth stains that have affected your enamel on your own, even if you take home a teeth whitening kit from your local grocery store or pharmacy. By yourself, stains can prove hard to treat, but you can find that your Redmond, OR dentist is prepared to help! The right cosmetic dental procedure can give you welcome results. We can provide a review to confirm that you should proceed with a teeth whitening procedure with professional bleaching agents, or look out for signs of intrinsic discoloration that call for a different cosmetic procedure.

Are You Concerned That Your Smile Is Dull And Unattractive?

As a person collects stains on their teeth from different foods and drinks, they can become understandably alarmed by the way they look when they smile and speak. Teeth that appear stained can look both less healthy and less attractive, and it can make you look older than you are. Fighting discoloration with the help of store bought whitening treatments or whitening toothpastes can lead to disappointment, as these products can have only limited effects. You should also be aware that intrinsic problems with your tooth structure can change the color of your smile in ways that attract unwanted notice.

Arranging Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

For our patients who want to make their teeth whiter, we can provide a customized kit to take home and use at their convenience. These kits are personalized by our practice to make sure that your care is beneficial. In the course of ten to fourteen daily treatments, you can fight the buildup of enamel stains with safe but potent bleaching agents that will improve the way you look. At the end, you can see remarkable changes that give you renewed confidence in how you look!

Planning Other Cosmetic Services

To treat intrinsic discoloration, we can offer other cosmetic services that can help you. These treatments can offer help with teeth that look dull and discolored as well as those that stand out for being damaged, misshapen, or even out of alignment. With porcelain veneers, we can provide remarkable improvements for you in just two appointments. These slender restorations are capable of both impressive changes and lasting benefits thanks.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Improving Your Smile Color

With the right cosmetic procedure, we can help you see meaningful changes to your smile! We are happy to talk to you about the advantages of teeth whitening and other services that can benefit you. If you would like to find out more, please contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.