How Implant Dentistry Supports Restorations

In the work to restore your incomplete smile, your Redmond, OR dentist can help you regain a confident smile, but this is just one of several benefits to treatment when you plan prosthetic work with dental implants. Our practice can review the full advantages of this approach with you—in addition to making your smile more attractive, a lifelike restoration held by an implant can offer more bite support, and it can support better oral health in several ways. The sooner you decide to do something about that gap left by a lost tooth, the sooner you can enjoy the range of improvements that come with the appropriate restorative care!

Fully Restoring Your Smile Through Prosthetic Work

Prosthetic dental work can address more than you might think. Remember that the loss of your tooth takes away more than just the portion that is visible to others, it also robs you of roots that help you by stimulating your jawbone and supporting neighboring teeth. With the right approach to care, you can address the problems this absence creates as you also improve your appearance. Dental implants act like artificial roots, giving you more bite support and better protection for your oral health.

What Dental Implants Do To Help You Support Permanent Restorations

A dental implant is actually set in the same space where a tooth’s roots were housed. To make sure we place it in just the right spot and angle, we can perform a careful review of your oral structures. After it is placed, you will go through a period of healing. At the right time, you can return to us to have your permanent restoration secured to your implant. After the work is complete, you can feel better about your smile, feel more confident when you bite and chew, and enjoy protection against jawbone resorption and further tooth loss!

Making Plans To Extract And Replace Unhealthy Teeth

If you have problems with an unhealthy tooth that cannot be saved, we can still work out a course of treatments that gives you back your full smile. We can work out plans to extract a tooth, and from there we can begin planning to replace it with a lifelike prosthetic appliance. Remember that problems that make you vulnerable to tooth loss become easier to avoid when you schedule regular checkups in order to catch and treat issues in their early stages.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Implant Dentistry

Through implant dentistry, we can help you see surprising—and welcome—oral health improvements in addition to cosmetic changes. If you would like to find out more about this or any other service that we can provide you, please contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.