When Was Your Last Routine Dental Visit?

What do you gain by seeing your dentist when you have no concerns about your oral health? You may be surprised at just how important preventive oral health services are when it comes to preserving your smile. One benefit to them is that they include a teeth cleaning that will remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup. Another is that you can enjoy early warnings about problems that have not yet caused you active discomfort. At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, we provide ongoing preventive care to help people of all ages stay safe against the threats that can negatively impact the health and appearance of our smiles!

Are You Consistently Scheduling Dental Appointments?

A typical patient should see their dentist every six months. At this rate, they will enjoy important protection through both their cleanings and routine evaluations. Semiannual visits limit the time problems like tooth decay have to form and worsen, which means that you are less likely to experience difficulties that require more advanced services. Your regular cleanings help control tartar buildup, which is important for lowering both your cavity risk and your potential for experiencing periodontal problems.

How We Care For Patients During Their Preventive Visits

At every appointment, there are several steps we take to help preserve your smile. The cleanings performed by your hygienist remove harmful buildup even in areas that can prove difficult to reach. While removing both plaque and tartar, we can identify areas where you might need to clean more carefully. We should note that tartar removal is particularly important, as these deposits are resistant to your daily efforts to clean your smile. Reviews with your dentist can provide early warnings about problems with tooth decay, and they can also lead to the identification and treatment of problems with your bite movement that cause persistent issues.

Discussing And Treating Problems Identified During Exams

After we identify the presence of a problem, we can recommend the appropriate restorative dental work. For those who regularly seek preventive care, problems can be identified while they are still relatively minor, which means you can come away from treatment with only a dental filling in place. A larger cavity that does more harm will require a dental crown. While this requires more preparatory work and makes bigger changes to your tooth structure, this work can take just one visit when we provide it, as our practice has the technology to supply same-day crowns.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist To Schedule Your Next Routine Visit

Through your regular dental checkups, you can enjoy important protection against problems that can form and worsen over time. You also receive valuable feedback that makes it easier for you to protect yourself against future issues. If you would like to learn more, or if you wish to set an appointment, contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.