When Your Cavity Calls For A Root Canal

In order to properly treat your tooth when you have a cavity, your Redmond, OR dentist may need to provide root canal therapy. Why is this necessary during some procedures and not all of them? A root canal removes bacteria and damaged tissues from within your tooth structure. You can avoid these internal problems when you schedule timely treatment for decay. One way to prevent complications that call for more involved restorative work is to attend regular dental checkups. These appointments can reveal problems before complications start to occur.

How Serious Is Your Cavity?

If your cavity is not caught in time, bacteria will make their way past your enamel and dentin. After working through these layers of your tooth structure, a cavity will expose you to an infection that can attack the living tissues in your pulp, the tooth’s central chamber and location of its living tissues. If your cavity is this serious, a root canal procedure will be necessary. At this point, you can experience problems with pain as well as sensitivity, which can alert you to the need for treatment on short notice.

Discussing Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is something we can provide for a patient who has a severe cavity, or someone who injures a tooth and experiences an infection or internal injury after an injury. Through this procedure, your dentist can carefully remove bacteria and infected tissues that are currently housed in your pulp. By doing this, they can put an end to the ongoing pain that your tooth problem causes. From here, we can seal the pulp to protect it, then make plans to restore the tooth with a dental crown.

It can be difficult to avoid root canal therapy when you suffer a physical injury. However, you can reduce your risk for advanced problems from tooth decay when you regularly schedule routine checkups. During these visits, we can identify the need to restore a tooth affected by a smaller cavity that is not yet causing discomfort.

How Will Your Tooth Be Restored After Treatment?

If you undergo root canal therapy, you can receive a dental crown after your procedure to keep your tooth safe and secure. Crowns completely envelop teeth to protect them against physical damage and the possibility of a new infection. Our practice can complete your treatment in less time because we have the technology to provide same-day restorations!

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

By providing root canal therapy, we can stop a severe cavity from doing any more damage to your tooth and oral health. Remember that we can also help you avoid problems that call for more involved care when you see us for routine checkups. To learn more about how we can help you, contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.