We Can Find A Way To Brighten Your Discolored Smile

If your teeth gradually grow discolored because of stains, it can be hard to hold onto your confidence in your smile. Even with good preventive dental habits in place, you may notice that your teeth are losing their whiteness. Your Redmond, OR dentist’s office is able to deal with discoloration by offering a professional teeth whitening treatment. Whitening treatment provided by your dentist can exceed the results offered by teeth whitening kits available at your local store or pharmacy. We can also provide important smile care to determine if your teeth are also experiencing health issues, or if discoloration has occurred because of something other than stains.

Has Dental Discoloration Hurt Your Confidence In Your Smile?

If your teeth look dull and discolored, it can be difficult to feel confident when showing off your smile. Even if your daily oral hygiene routine is effective enough to prevent cavities and gum disease, it can be difficult to fully stop discoloration from occurring. By fighting teeth stains with a whitening treatment, you can give your confidence and important boost and feel better about your appearance!

Arrange A Whitening Treatment To Deal With Stains

Patients who want whiter teeth will be provided with customized kits to fight enamel stains. These kits include trays that have been made to comfortably fit over your teeth, as well as whitening agents to apply to your enamel. Over a recommended period of time, you will apply these agents, using the trays to ensure that all of your teeth receive the appropriate attention. At the end of your daily applications, you can see a remarkable change in the color of your smile!

What Can Be Done About Other Forms Of Discoloration?

Dental discoloration can frequently be traced back to teeth stains, but there are other issues that can impact the color of your smile. You may have problems because of gradual enamel erosion, or because you previously took medication that caused a change in your tooth color. It is also possible for physical trauma to produce changes in the color of your teeth. With the right cosmetic dental procedure, we can make sure that your issues are successfully addressed. We can accomplish this by providing porcelain veneers to cover teeth and hide blemishes as well as problems with their shape and size. It is also possible to correct problems with discoloration by performing a dental bonding procedure.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Brightening Your Smile

At Coppertop Family Dentistry, patients who are growing concerned over dental discoloration can discuss the benefits of a professional whitening treatment! This is one of many services we are able to perform when helping patients feel more confident in the way they look. To find out more, contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.