Is A Tooth-Colored Filling Going To Keep My Tooth Safe?

Is it really possible to have a restoration that both protects your tooth and preserves its appearance? At our Redmond, OR dentist’s office, patients being treated for tooth decay can receive a dental filling that closely matches the appearance of their healthy enamel. In addition to providing cosmetic benefits, the material used to create your lifelike restoration can actually bond to the surface of your tooth to provide remarkable support. It is important to take the threat of a cavity seriously, and to reach out and schedule restorative dental treatment as soon as possible. If too much time passes, decay can lead to complications that demand more involved care.

A Lifelike Restoration Can Provide Protection And Cosmetic Support

With a lifelike dental restoration, your tooth can be protected from harm and future infections. It can also be supported with an appliance that avoids detection, which means that it will not draw unwanted attention that hurts your confidence in your smile.

Placing Your Biocompatible Filling

A dental filling is affixed to the tooth after a cavity is carefully removed. The removal will see all decayed tissues cleared away by your dentist so that the spread of bacteria and damage is stopped. The filling will be directly applied to the area where damage occurred. Because the substance used in creating these restorations is biocompatible, it manages to bond directly to your enamel to create a remarkable degree of support. This resin substance is less reactive to temperature extremes than metal, so it is less likely to move or change shape in time.

Severe Cavity? We Can Protect Your Tooth With A Crown

Some cavities must be treated with dental crowns, as dental fillings would not provide enough support. In some cases, it will even be necessary to restore a tooth by performing a root canal procedure. Once the work of removing bacteria and decayed tissues has been completed, plans can be made to provide a custom crown that fits securely over the tooth. If you want to lower your risk for this degree of decay, stay consistent with regular dental exams. When you do so, you receive regular updates about the state of your smile. These updates include alerting you to evidence of decay that should be treated with a dental filling.

Talk To Your Redmond, OR Dentist’s Office About Restoring Your Tooth With A Dental Filling

At Coppertop Family Dentistry, patients can receive lifelike dental restorations that protect their tooth and also allow them to maintain their confidence in their smile. We offer these services in addition to a variety of cosmetic and preventive procedures. To find out more about us, please contact your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Olson, by calling 541-923-5927.