Halting Discomfort With A Tooth Extraction

When you have severe pain in your smile, this could mean the presence of an infection or even an abscess. To halt the pain and stop the spread of infection, we may simply remove the tooth with a dental extraction. How does your Redmond, OR, dentist safely and comfortably remove a tooth, and what happens next?

When Do You Prescribe an Extraction?

If a tooth is severely damaged and repair isn’t possible, we may extract it. Should an infection develop and not receive treatment in a timely manner, then we may need to remove it to prevent the spread of infection to other teeth. An extraction also assists in orthodontic treatment options, as we extract a tooth to make room to reposition the others. Teeth loosened by gum disease may need to be removed as well. However, the most common reason is to address wisdom teeth. These are up to four additional molars that erupt in our late teens and early 20s. For many, these additional teeth lead to dental misalignment, infection, damaged teeth, and painful partial eruptions known as impactions. By removing them before they erupt, we protect the health and beauty of your smile.

The Removal Process

How do we safely and comfortably remove the tooth or teeth from your smile? We start by administering a local anesthetic to your smile. If you have serious anxiety about the process, we could also discuss sedation options. Next, we gently remove the tooth with a pair of forceps. If we’re addressing wisdom teeth, then we open the area of the gums above them to access and remove them. We suture the area closed and then send you home. You will return for a follow up visit so we can remove the sutures and make sure everything is healing as it should be.

What Happens Next?

When you get home, you will need to take any antibiotics or pain medication as prescribed. Try to avoid poking the area with your tongue, or using straws, as this could impact the sutures. Eat soft food for the first couple of days, and also try to avoid very strenuous activities. After a day or two, you should be able to return to your normal daily activities. If you have any questions about treating these issues or about the remove and recovery process, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Our Restorative Solutions?

We would love to help you and your family enjoy optimal oral health, which is why we offer treatments to restore health and stability to smiles. To learn more about our approach to restorative dentistry, then schedule a consultation by calling Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR, today at 541-923-5927.