Where Did Those Teeth Stains Come From?

Teeth staining is a common problem for almost every adult. If you notice a yellowing of your smile, you’re not the only person going through this, and it’s not an unnatural occurrence. There are some cases of intrinsic staining — staining that comes from inside the tooth. These instances of staining may be health-related. However, in general, most staining is extrinsic. It happens to your teeth over time as a product of the foods you eat and drinks you drink. It’s possible to get rid of teeth stains, and to slow the process of staining. First, you need to learn about where these stains come from.

The Food You Consume Has Pigment that Stains Your Teeth

What is it that actually stains your teeth? It’s pigment. The food you eat and the drinks you drink have pigment in them. If you’re a smoker or tobacco user, these products have pigment in them too. As residue from these substances coats your teeth and sits over time, the enamel of your teeth begin to absorb some of the pigment from the substances. Over time, this pigment can add up and create the yellowed appearance that you notice. This process is natural, and the good news is that you can slow it down.

You Can Reduce Staining with Simple Steps After Meals

You maya be surprised to learn that there are actually simple steps that you can take to reduce teeth staining. You can avoid acidic foods and foods that are high in pigment, but drastically altering your diet or preferences isn’t always for the best. The other step you can take is to reduce the amount of time that your teeth are exposed to this pigment. If you can, try brushing your teeth after meals and after you’ve had your cup of coffee. Teeth brushing gets the pigment out of your mouth. If brushing isn’t an option, even rinsing some water around in your mouth can help.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Bleach Teeth Stains

While you can reduce the process of teeth staining, these steps won’t get rid of the stains that you do have. For those, you may want to try professional teeth whitening. Your dentist has access to whitening treatment that delivers powerful results. With a take-home kit, you can whiten for a couple of hours on your own schedule each night. By wearing the custom-made trays with some bleaching agent applied, you can drastically reduce the pigmentation in your teeth. You’re likely to experience a significantly whiter smile in just a few weeks’ time!

Find At-Home Whitening Treatment at Coppertop Family Dentistry

If you want to get rid of teeth stains, talk to the team at Coppertop about professional whitening. The take-home kit is comfortable and easy to use. You can learn about whitening and other cosmetic options during a complimentary consultation with Dr. Olson. Schedule this initial appointment at Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR by calling the office at 541-923-5927.