Tooth Fillings Are an Important Restorative Step

Of all the procedures that you may need to fix a damaged tooth, tooth fillings are the simplest. The need for a filling can be identified and often administered in a single office visit. They typically don’t come with much discomfort, and in some cases, patients may not even need anesthetic to receive their dental filling. Despite their simplistic nature, tooth fillings are an important restorative step. If your dentist recommends a dental filling, and for some reason you cannot complete the procedure during your current visit, you should be sure to schedule the treatment right away.

Tooth Fillings Are Important Because They Prevent Further Decay

Tooth decay is known as a progressive condition, because the condition worsens over time. Unlike some infections or injuries, tooth decay won’t heal on its own. The bacteria harming your tooth will continue to cause damage until it is removed and repaired. This is why it’s so important to move forward with dental fillings right away. Your tooth will continue to suffer from the wear that bacteria cause until the bacteria is completely removed and the tooth is filled to protect the vulnerable area.

Untreated Teeth Can Develop More Serious Conditions

The size and scope of your cavity can worsen if you don’t receive a dental filling. It can also complicate treatment when you do finally receive care. A dental filling is a straightforward process, but if infection spreads to the pulp of your tooth (the innermost part) and eventually reaches your root canals, you’ll need more significant treatment. Root canal therapy is a process by which your dentist accesses your root canals to remove infection and seal the tooth. Root canals can involve more discomfort, longer recovery timetables, and the need for a dental crown afterward.

Dental Fillings Are a One-Step Restoration that Takes Less Time and Money than Other Treatments

Root canals, dental crowns, and dental implants all involve more appointments, higher costs, and longer recovery timetables than a dental filling. You can often avoid the need for these extensive treatments by simply tending to your tooth decay problem early enough. The best way to ensure that happens is by regularly attending dentist appointments, during which time your dentist can examine your teeth, clean any bacterial buildup, and recommend restorative treatment to repair your teeth right away.

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