Have You Found Quality Family Dental Services?

Family dentistry is a large umbrella of dentistry that caters to the needs of every member of the family. While everyone wants healthy, beautiful teeth, the needs of each individual patient are different. Genetics and lifestyle habits play a role in what type of dental care you need. A quality family dentistry provides a full range of dental services that focus on prevention. Have you found quality family dental services for your loved ones? Here are some important traits to look for as you search for the right family dentist.

Does Your Family Dentist Create a Welcoming Environment for Everyone?

Your comfort at the dentist’s office is important. Your dentist wants to create a welcoming environment so that you continue to visit and take care of your teeth. A welcoming environment for younger patients makes the experience feel less clinical and intimidating. Too often, patients develop dental anxiety due to a poor experience as a child at the dentist. Make sure that your family dentistry truly caters to patients of all ages. The care environment at your dentistry may be a sign of how well your dentist listens to the needs of individual patients.

Family Dentistry Should Focus on Prevention

The most cost-effective way to care for your teeth is by taking care of them consistently. That means brushing and flossing at home, and making regular visits for checkups and cleanings. When you take a preventive approach to your oral health, you’re more likely to circumvent common problems like cavities. Treatments like root canal therapy and dental bridges are more costly and time-consuming, so avoiding the need for these treatments is for the best. As you search for a family dentistry, be sure to ask what type of preventive treatments the office offers.

Make Sure You Use the Family Dental Services that You Find

Finding the right dentist and care environment for your family is a matter of fit, but it’s also up to you to utilize the services that you do find. When you find the right situation, be sure that you actually use the services. Make biannual appointments for every member of the family, and make sure you actually attend the appointments. You should ensure that your dentist is located within enough proximity to work or home so that visits don’t become an inconvenience. Only by regularly attending checkups and cleanings can you help to keep your teeth healthy for the future.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Is Here for Your Family

Dr. Olson and the team at Coppertop are committed to providing quality family dentistry services. From the care environment, to the customized treatment and individualized attention, you will feel well cared for at Coppertop. Schedule an initial appointment for you or a family member by contacting Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.